What is Dinawa in English?

What is Dinawa in English?

Morogo is a Setswana word that refers to many kinds of green, leafy vegetable. Dried vegetable balls can be made from the leaves of various plants, and morogo wa dinawa (dinawa means “beans”) is made specifically with the iron-rich leaves of the cowpea plant.

Can you cook pumpkin leaves?

Once your leaves are cleaned and prepped, you can chop and cook the leaves in your favorite recipe. Pumpkin leaves are great in soups, stews, and sautees. ... You can also eat raw pumpkin leaves in salads. For fresh eating, choose only the smallest, youngest leaves as they'll be the most tender.

Is pumpkin difficult to digest?

1. Pumpkin is easy to digest: The flesh of a pumpkin is used to make pies and soups that are healing, soothing and easy to digest so it is perfect when you are recovering from Inflammatory Bowel symptoms. It is so gentle on the digestive system it is one of the first foods to be introduced to babies.

Does eating pumpkin seeds cause gas?

Pumpkin seeds are high in fiber, so eating large amounts may cause gas or bloating. Eating large amounts of pumpkin seeds at once may cause constipation.

Does pumpkin hurt your stomach?

Side Effects Of Pumpkin. The main side effect of pumpkin seeds, a stomach ache, is negligible.