What is a spike in Agile development?

What is a spike in Agile development?

What are Spikes in Agile? A spike is a user story f o r which the team cannot estimate the effort needed. In such a case, it is better to run time-boxed research, exploration to learn about the issue or the possible solutions.

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Why is it called a spike?

The term spike comes from Extreme Programming (XP), where “A spike solution is a very simple program to explore potential solutions.” XP guru Ward Cunningham describes how the term was coined on the C2.com wiki: “I would often ask Kent [Beck], 'What is the simplest thing we can program that will convince us we are on ...

What is a Spike story in Scrum?

Spikes are a type of exploration Enabler Story in SAFe. Defined initially in Extreme Programming (XP), they represent activities such as research, design, investigation, exploration, and prototyping. ... Like other stories, spikes are estimated and then demonstrated at the end of the Iteration.

What is spike in Jira?

Spikes are a type of exploration Enabler Story in SAFe. Defined initially in Extreme Programming (XP), they represent activities such as research, design, investigation, exploration, and prototyping. ... One of the ways to manage Spikes in Jira is to establish them as their own issue type.

Should you story point spikes?

A spike should be assigned points because it requires a team's resources to complete: any time effort is put forth on a task, it should be made visible to the project. Team velocity can be negatively skewed if an abundant number of spikes are in your current sprint, and they have been not been assigned points.

Is a spike a user story?

Spikes are an invention of Extreme Programming (XP), are a special type of user story that is used to gain the knowledge necessary to reduce the risk of a technical approach, better understand a requirement, or increase the reliability of a story estimate.

What is Sprint Spike?

What is a spike? In agile software development, a spike is a story that cannot be estimated until a development team runs a time-boxed investigation. The output of a spike is an estimate for the original story.

How long should spikes be?

Teams should agree that every spike is, say, never more than 1 day of research. (For some teams this might be, say, 3 days, if that's the common situation.)

What is Spike solution?

A spike solution, or spike, is a technical investigation. It's a small experiment to research the answer to a problem. ... A quick ten-minute spike will answer the question.

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