What is the meaning of Vargam?

What is the meaning of Vargam?

vargam. viśeṣavargam, adhyāpanam, śikṣaṇam, upadeśaḥ vidyālayasya samayād atirikte samaye kañcit śulkaṃ svīkṛtya śikṣakeṇa kṛtaṃ pāṭhanam। idānīṃtanīye kāle chātrāḥ viśeṣavarge eva paṭhitum icchanti।

What do u mean by list?

A list of things such as names or addresses is a set of them which all belong to a particular category, written down one below the other. ... To list several things such as reasons or names means to write or say them one after another, usually in a particular order.

What are the different types of list?

Different Types of Lists in HTML

  • Unordered Lists or Bullet Lists: An unordered list is formed with the element UL and contains at least one list element LI. ...
  • Ordered Lists: This list is used to create and Indexed List, such as a numbered or alphabetical list. ...
  • Nested List: ...
  • Definition Lists:

What is another name for list?

What is another word for list?

What are the 50 examples of synonyms?

50 Examples of Synonyms With Sentences;

  • Magnify – expand: He magnified their happiness like their pain.
  • Baffle – confuse, deceive: The bad news he received consecutively confused him.
  • Beautiful – attractive, pretty, lovely, stunning: You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.

What is the another name of menu?

Menu Synonyms - WordHippo Thesaurus....What is another word for menu?
spreadbill of fare
set menuspecials board

What is a list of goods called?

Its sometimes called the packing list. If all items are to be individually listed it is often an advance copy/pro-forma invoice.

What's another name for table of contents?

Alternate Synonyms for "table of contents": contents; list; listing; table; tabular array.

What is the Catalogue?

A catalogue is a list of things. ... A catalogue — also spelled catalog — can be a list of anything, arranged in some order, and when you list things, you catalogue them.

What is Catalogue example?

The definition of a catalog is a list of something, or a book or pamphlet containing a list. An example of a catalog is a library's list of all of the books it has available. An example of a catalog is a booklet showing everything a store has for sale.

What are the types of Catalogue?

The four types of library catalogues are listed below.

  • Card catalogue.
  • Book catalogue.
  • COM catalogue.
  • On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

What is the purpose of a Catalogue?

The catalog is used to find materials based on author, title, subject, or format. A high quality catalog makes the library collection easier to use and more accessible. Most library catalogs are automated, and many are on the web now. Nevertheless, a good card catalog can still be a useful tool in a smaller library.

What are the 3 types of card Catalogue?

There are three types of card catalogue. Classified catalogue, author catalogue, and title catalogue.

What is cataloging and classification?

Cataloguing and classification is simply a way of organizing library materials in such a way that the retrieval will not be difficult for library users. Therefore, there is strong need to organize library collections for easy access for users because if the collections are not organized the collections will be useless.

What is main entry?

The main entry of a work designates the person or body chiefly responsible for the intellectual or artistic content of the work. If more than one person or body is involved, the first named is assigned the main entry, and the additional names are given as added entries.

What is the entry?

1 : the right or privilege of entering : entrée. 2 : the act of entering : entrance. 3 : a place of entrance: such as.

What added entry?

Added entry (Bibliographic 7XX): An entry, additional to the main entry, by which an item is represented in a catalog; a secondary entry. Added entries provide additional access to a bibliographic record from names and/or titles having various relationships to a work.

What is a synonym for entry?

first appearance, incoming, debut, entrance, submission, entryway, launching, access, entranceway, accession, admittance, entree, admission, accounting entry, ingress, ledger entry, entering, introduction, main course, unveiling.

What heroic means?

1 : of or relating to courageous people or the mythological or legendary figures of antiquity : of, relating to, resembling, or suggesting heroes especially of antiquity heroic legends the heroic age. 2a : exhibiting or marked by courage and daring It was a heroic decision.

What is the antonyms of entry?

Antonyms of ENTRY exclusion, departure, removal, spectator, Blackballing, rejection, withdrawal, ouster, discharge, fan, expulsion, dismissal, exit, egress, ejection, refusal, conclusion.

What is another word for exit?

In this page you can discover 87 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for exit, like: leave, way-out, outlet, egress, loss, give-up-the-ghost, expiration, departure, going, entrance-exit and sliproad.

What is a departure?

A departure is the act of leaving somewhere. Think about an airport that has departure gates for outgoing passengers and an arrival area for people flying in. Since departing means to leave, a departure is an act of leaving. There are many type of departures, such as when you go to the store or take a flight.

What is a departure time?

1. departure time - the time at which a public conveyance is scheduled to depart from a given point of origin. time of departure. point in time, point - an instant of time; "at that point I had to leave" checkout time, checkout - the latest time for vacating a hotel room; "the checkout here is 12 noon"

What type of word is departure?

noun. an act or instance of departing: the time of departure; a hasty departure.

What is the meaning of pre arrival?

Definition/Scope Pre-arrival processing involves the (electronic) submission of the relevant goods and/or cargo declaration data to the relevant authorities prior to the arrival (for import) or prior to departure (for export) of goods.

What are the 4 stages of the guest cycle?

On the basis of the stage of interaction and activities involved, the Guest Cycle is broadly, classified into four main stages based on the activity type. These are: Pre Arrival, Arrival, Stay and Departure.

What is pre arrival in front office?

Pre-Arrival 'Pre-' means, before; so pre-arrival is the stage before guest actually comes to the hotel. Inquiry by the guest and reservation confirmation by the hotel are the two most important activities here.

What is arrival in front office?

Arrival. The arrival stage of the guest cycle includes registration and room assignment process. ... It is the front office staff responsibility to clarify any query of the guest especially the details of room rate of packages he/she is booked on.

What are the activities of front office?

Following are the most basic responsibilities a front office can handle.

  • Creating guest database.
  • Handling guest accounts.
  • Coordinating guest service.
  • Trying to sell a service.
  • Ensuring guest satisfaction.
  • Handling in-house communication through PBX.