What are some special names?

What are some special names?

But all of these names have something important in common; they are all special names that are absolutely breathtaking.

  • 18 Cailin.
  • 19 Solomon. ...
  • 20 Ines. ...
  • 21 Margaux. ...
  • 22 Emerson. ...
  • 23 Alexi. ...
  • 24 Delaney. ...
  • 25 Camille. Camille is an absolutely stunning French name. ...

What name means unique?

231 Baby Names Meaning Unique
AadvayUnique; unparalleled; exclusive; having no like or equalBoy
Aadvika (आद्विका )one who is unique in all aspectsGirl
Aarnik (आर्निक)being one of a kind or uniqueBoy
Aatulaya (आतुलया)Unique, the one who can't be compared or incomparableBoy

What girl name means unique?

90 Girl Names That Mean Unique

  • Aaget. This English name means 'diamond'.
  • Alia. This Arabic name means 'glorious'.
  • Aria. Aria means 'lioness' in Hebrew, 'noble' in Persian and 'treasure' in Albanian.
  • Bella. Bella is a Latin and French word for 'beautiful'.
  • Brianne. ...
  • Brille. ...
  • Cachet. ...
  • Camila.

What name means perfect?

171 Baby Names Meaning Perfect
Aadarsha (आदर्शा)one who is ideal, optimal, and perfectGirl
AbdulquddusQuddus stands for the perfect one, the holy one and the pure oneBoy
AbhignanThe one who has perfect wisdom.Boy
AbhineetPerfect ; Absolute; Thorough; CompleteBoy

What girl name means beautiful?

Girl baby names that mean beautiful

  • Bonnie. This cute name that means “beautiful” and “cheerful” is derived from Scotland, where they actually use is as a word in place of pretty—i.e. “She was a bonnie lass.”
  • Venus. ...
  • Calista. ...
  • Calliope. ...
  • Linda. ...
  • Mabel. ...
  • Aden. ...
  • Kenneth.

What girl name means blessing?

Girl Names that Mean Blessing

  • Aksha – Hindi, meaning "a blessing."
  • Ayah – Arabic, meaning "a miracle."
  • Blessing – English, meaning a divine gift.
  • Genevieve – French, meaning "God's blessing."
  • Beatrix – Latin, meaning "she who brings happiness."
  • Carwyn – Welsh, meaning "blessed love."

Which name means Beauty?

10 baby names that mean 'beautiful'

  • Beau. Perhaps one of the most obvious selections, Beau is a French name that translates to handsome.
  • Mei. Mei means beautiful in Chinese, and you can also alter the spelling and go for the Americanized version “May.”
  • Callista. ...
  • Venus. ...
  • Rosalind/a. ...
  • Jamil/Jamila. ...
  • Adonis. ...
  • Bella.

What name means love?

Girl names that mean love

  • Adelpha. Meaning: Greek name for beloved sister.
  • Ahava. Meaning: Hebrew name for love.
  • Aiko. Meaning: Japanese name for beloved child.
  • Amada. Meaning: Spanish name for loved.
  • Amadea. Meaning: Latin name for God's beloved.
  • Amala. Meaning: Arabic name for beloved; bird.
  • Amia. ...
  • Amy/Aimee.

What name means joy?

Read on to follow the classic baby girl names that mean happy or joy!

  • Abigail. A charming ancient name meaning 'my father is joyful! ...
  • Aleeza. It is a Jewish baby girl name with a distinct romantic charm! ...
  • Ada. An adorable German name meaning 'happy. ...
  • Allegra. ...
  • Alaia. ...
  • Beatrice. ...
  • Blythe. ...
  • Bliss.

What are the most hated names?


  • Madison (“it just seemed to grate on people,” said Wattenberg)
  • Mackenzie.
  • McKenna.
  • Addison (Wattenberg said this is an example of the #1 most-cited loathing category: “boys' names used for girls.”)
  • Gertrude.
  • Kaitlyn.
  • Makayla.
  • Bertha.

What are some powerful girl names?

Strong And Powerful Girl Names:

  • Aadya: The name Aadya is rooted in Sanskrit. ...
  • Audrey: Audrey, meaning 'noble strength' has risen in popularity, primarily because of its connection with the radiant and chic actress Audrey Hepburn. ...
  • Valerie: ...
  • Adira: ...
  • Bree: ...
  • Andrea: ...
  • Rainey: ...
  • Valencia:

What are girl a names?

Girl Names That Start With A

  • Ava. One of the great hits of our day, Ava still calls up the image of sultry Hollywood beauty Ava Gardner. ...
  • Abigail. Long considered a bit of an old-fashioned name, Abigail is coming back with the retro-cool vengence of other "vintage" names... ...
  • Anna. ...
  • Amanda. ...
  • Alexis. ...
  • Alyssa. ...
  • Amber. ...
  • Andrea.

What is a female warrior name?

100 Warrior Girl Names That Are Strong and Beautiful

  • Aadya - Bengali, means "first" or "Earth" referring to the power that created the Earth.
  • Adira - Hebrew, means "strong, mighty"
  • Aine - Celtic, means "radiance, splendor, brilliance"
  • Alessia - Italian, means "helper, defender"
  • Alexandra - Greek, means "helper, defender"
  • Alexandria - English, means "helper, defender"

What are some fierce girl names?

A fierce name is the first step to setting the stage for the mighty woman she will become....Link copied and ready to share!

  • Adira.
  • Aleksandrina.
  • Alexsus.
  • Aliza.
  • Angelina.
  • Arya.
  • Astrid.
  • Athena.

What are the most rare girl names?

Rare Girl Names that are Simply Stunning
DeliaFrom DelosGreek
FayeLoyalty; beliefFrench
FlorenceFlowering, in bloomLatin
GenevaJuniper treeFrench

What's the most attractive girl name?

The top 20 most attractive female names

  • Brianna - 70 per cent of men say yes.
  • Erika - 69 per cent.
  • Lexi - 67 per cent.
  • Brooke - 65 per cent.
  • Vanessa - 65 per cent.
  • April - 63 per cent.
  • Natalie - 63 per cent.
  • Jenna - 62 per cent.

Is Leo a gender neutral name?

Leo is a name for boys and seldom for girls. It is a variant of the ancient Greek name Leon and a short form of the Old German names Leopold and Leonhard or Leonie and Leonore.

What is the full name of Leo?

Leo is Latin for "lion," and it was the name of many early Christian saints and several popes. In German, it's a short form of Leon or Leopold, meaning "brave people." Well-known Leos: writer Leo Tolstoy; actor Leonardo "Leo" DiCaprio.

What is a good name for a Leo?

Best baby names for Leo babies

  1. Corona. Leo is ruled by the sun, whose Latin name is Sol, a good name for a Leo baby.
  2. Cyrus. The sun is hugely important to many cultures, as evidenced by the multitude of names and lore attached to it.
  3. Osiris. ...
  4. Peridot. ...
  5. Regulus. ...
  6. Simba. ...
  7. Summer. ...
  8. Tybalt.

What is a good middle name for Leo?

My favorite middle names for Leo are Leo Christopher and Leo Gregory. I like how these multi-syllable names have such a nice ring with the short-and-sweet name of Leo. There are so many choices, though, so you should pick the ones that sound the best to you!

What names is Leo short for?

Leo is a Latin given name. It is usually a masculine given name and it comes from the Latin word leo which in turns comes from the Greek word λέων meaning "lion". It can also be a nickname for a name such as Leonard or Leopold.

How popular is the name Leo?

Popularity. Leo is the number forty most popular boys name in the US, according to 2019 Social Security Administration data.