What are the categories in Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary Edition?

What are the categories in Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary Edition?

Question categories include: Global View, The Written Word, Sound & Screen, Innovations, News and Game Time. Includes game board, special anniversary card dispenser, question and answer cards, 1 die, 6 tokens and 36 scoring wedges.

What are the categories in Trivial Pursuit Junior?

As always, Trivial Pursuit Junior has the same game play and all the fun and challenge of the adult edition, with questions in these kid-friendly categories: Every Day, Fun, Science, Stories & Songs, Nature, and Games....

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How many Colours are there in Trivial Pursuit?

6 colors

What kind of questions are in Trivial Pursuit?

Trivial pursuit is all about trivial knowledge. Try to collect all the colored pieces of your pie by answering questions in six categories: geography, entertainment, history, arts & literature, science & nature and sports & leisure.

Which version of Trivial Pursuit is the best?

There are a lot of them out there, but Trivial Pursuit: Harry Potter Ultimate Edition has got to be the best one. This game has a total of 1800 questions that cover all eight movies in the series and will definitely be a challenge for even the most dedicated Potterheads.

What is the latest Trivial Pursuit edition?

The Trivial Pursuit Master Edition game adds a modern twist to the classic game you love.

Can you play Trivial Pursuit with 2 players?

Decide whether to play as individuals or teams. Trivial Pursuit is designed for up to six players or teams.

What is Trivial Pursuit Family Edition?

Trivial pursuit family edition has questions for adults and kids! 2400 question-and-answer cards! 1200 cards for adults and 1200 for kids! 6 categories: geography, entertainment, history, art & culture, science & nature and sport & leisure. 2 ways to play!

How old is Trivial Pursuit?

The original Trivial Pursuit, introduced in 1981, involved answering 6,000 trivia questions on 1,000 cards, coded by categories like history and entertainment. (They have been updated and modified many times since, and many variations of the game have been introduced.)

Why is it called Trivial Pursuit?

The name of the game Trivial Pursuit plays on this sense of trivial—a trivial pursuit is something for which one takes an interest but is ultimately inconsequential. "Oh, of course I'm not speaking of her as a party to a silly flirtation, or an object of any sort of trivial pursuit.

Can you go through the middle in Trivial Pursuit?

However, the next time you roll the die, you can decide to change direction and go the opposite way from your last move. You can make your way to the other side of the board by cutting across the middle along the spokes. You can land on the same space as another player.

What country did Trivial Pursuit come from?


What does trivial mean?

1a : of little worth or importance a trivial objection trivial problems. b : relating to or being the mathematically simplest case specifically : characterized by having all variables equal to zero a trivial solution to a linear equation. 2 : commonplace, ordinary.

What is the meaning of Trivial Pursuit?

Trivial Pursuit. Trivial Pursuit is a board game in which progress is determined by a player's ability to answer general knowledge and popular culture questions.

How do you win Trivial Pursuit?

Winning the Game Your opponents decide the category you are to answer from before they look at the card. If you answer the final question successfully then you win the game. If you fail to answer the final question then you are moved 1 space in any direction off of the center and your turn is over.

How do you play Trivial Pursuit with family?


  1. Take an empty Scoring Token for each player or team and place it on the center space of the gameboard.
  2. Take a deck of dark blue and a deck of bright blue cards and place each into its matching card holder.
  3. Roll the die to decide who will go first. Highest number rolled takes the first turn.

What sports item is chilled to prevent bouncing?

Today, hockey pucks are frozen before a game to prevent them from bouncing during play.

Is Trivial Pursuit live online ps4?

Trivial Pursuit Live! is best played locally, but there's an online mode as well. But there's a caveat: you can't rely on it.

What Pursuit means?

1 : the act of pursuing. 2 : an activity that one engages in as a vocation, profession, or avocation : occupation.

How do you win the Trivial Pursuit Family Edition?

To be the first player to fill all six spaces on your Scoring Token with different colored wedges by correctly answering questions. Get back to the center first and answer a final question correctly to win!

Is there a UK version of Trivial Pursuit?

Other official Trivial Pursuit games such as "Star Trek" have been released in United Kingdom.

What does showdown mean in Trivial Pursuit?

The Trivial Pursuit Family Edition game features fresh questions and a quick pace, including the Showdown challenge where 2 players compete for a wedge simultaneously. Play individually or in teams, taking turns moving around the board and answering questions correctly to win wedges!

What is a wedge question in Trivial Pursuit?

Showing 1-2 of 2 answers. It's a trivia game, there's no gameboard. But it's set up so that if you get a question right, then you get a "wedge" question. So you can keep up with who gets all the wedges. The die in the game is marked with which category of question you have to answer.

How do you play friends on Trivial Pursuit?

You can play with friend online !!

  1. you have to open a chat party with your friend on your playstation.
  2. you click the play together.
  3. you both go into your Trivial pursuit live ps4 game.
  4. you both go into the play with friend (Not the online option)