How far is Joshua Tree from Cathedral City?

How far is Joshua Tree from Cathedral City?


How many days should you spend in Joshua Tree?

three days

How long does it take to drive through Joshua Tree National Park?

about 1.

How much does it cost to get into Joshua Tree National Park?

Joshua Tree National Park has had an entrance fee since 1991. The current rate of $25 per vehicle or $12 per motorcycle has been in effect since 2016. The park is one of 117 in the National Park System that charges an entrance fee.

Is Joshua Tree safe at night?

Yes, Joshua Tree and Joshua Tree National Park are safe at night. ... The roads are marked, and the park is patrolled. Of course, in order to ensure that your desert experience is completely free from safety concerns or emergencies, it's important to practice caution and understand the space around you.

What is the best time of year to go to Joshua Tree?

The best time to visit Joshua Tree National Park is March to May and October to November. Though the park is open year-round, temperatures are most comfortable in the spring and fall, with an average high of about 85 degrees.

What is so special about Joshua Tree?

Joshua Trees are actually the world's largest Yucca in the world. They are sometimes called Yucca Palms, Tree Yuccas, and Palm Tree Yuccas. It also bears the Spanish name izote de desierto, which means “desert dagger.”

Does Joshua Tree have mosquitoes?

Both Joshua Tree and Death Valley National Parks are mosquito and pest free (though rattlesnakes, scorpions, black widow spiders, bees and wasps are not uncommon). Both parks' extremely dry environments (Death Valley is one of the driest places on earth) lack suitable habitat for mosquitos to reproduce.

How far is Palm Springs from Joshua Tree?

about 40 miles

Can you do Joshua Tree in a day?

Joshua Tree National Park in California is similar to Death Valley National Park – you can visit in one day and see most of the main attractions. We visited Joshua Tree in March on our California road trip before moving on to spend a day in Death Valley (about 4 hours away).

What's better Palm Springs or Palm Desert?

Palm Springs is more tourist-oriented, so if it's your first time to the desert, it might be best to stay in Palm Springs vs Palm Desert. You can head out on a day trip to explore Palm Desert to see if it's more your scene for your next trip (and I promise, there will be a next trip.)

Where should I stay to visit Joshua Tree?

Where to Stay When Visiting Joshua Tree National Park. When visiting Joshua Tree National Park, you can choose to stay inside the park, or north of the park in the towns of Joshua Tree or Twentynine Palms, or west of the park in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, or Indio.

What should you not miss in Joshua Tree?

13 Top Things to Do in Joshua Tree National Park

  • Hidden Valley Nature Trail & Day Use Area. Hidden Valley Nature Trail and Day Use Area | Photo Copyright: Lana Law. ...
  • Keys View. Keys View | Photo Copyright: Lana Law. ...
  • Barker Dam Nature Trail. Barker Dam Nature Trail. ...
  • Camping. ...
  • Cholla Cactus Garden. ...
  • Skull Rock. ...
  • Rock Climbing and Bouldering. ...
  • Ryan Mountain Hike.

Can you sleep in your car in Joshua Tree?

No, when visiting Joshua Tree, it's best that you do not plan on sleeping in your car. Sleeping in your vehicle overnight within the National Park is not allowed. If found, you could be subject to a citation, so it's best to avoid the situation altogether.

Do you need reservations for Joshua Tree?

No advance reservations are needed to enter Joshua Tree National Park. Reservations are required for ranger-led tours of Keys Ranch. Reservations can be made on Some campgrounds are first come, first served, whereas others require reservations during the peak season.

Is Joshua Tree Free at night?

Yes, you can enter Joshua Tree at night. If you're visiting Joshua Tree National Park to feast on the stars, we have good news for you — the park gates are open 24/7, and anyone can drive in or out of the park regardless of where they're staying.

Can you purchase a Joshua Tree?

You can't buy a Joshua tree just anywhere. If you're willing to take a road trip, however, you can travel to Destination: Forever Ranch and Gardens, a desert botanical garden in Yucca, Arizona.

Can I camp anywhere in Joshua Tree?

You are permitted to back country camp anywhere inside Joshua Tree National Park so long as… Your camp is located at least one mile away from a road, Your camp is located at least 500 feet away from a hiking trail, Your camp is located outside of a day-use area (picnic area, view point, visitor center, etc.)

Does Joshua Tree have cabins?

Joshua Tree Cabin Rentals make the Perfect Family Vacation Destination! ... Located in Joshua Tree, California, Thunderbird Lodge Retreat is the only provider of vacation rental cabins in the area surrounding the Covington Flats entrance to the Joshua Tree National Park.

Can you camp in Joshua Tree in December?

In the winter temperatures often drop below freezing. The best months for Joshua Tree camping are in early spring (March, April) and late fall (October, November). Be aware that most campgrounds have no water, so you'll need to bring your own. Water is available at Oasis Visitor Center and West Entrance.

What should I bring to Joshua Tree in winter?

Obviously, if we're camping, rock climbing, bicycling, etc., this list expands, and winter requires extra clothing.

  • Water—at least one gallon per person per day.
  • Food—more than you think you'll need.
  • Ice and ice chest.
  • Sun hat and sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sturdy footwear.
  • Daypack.
  • First aid kit.

Can you touch a Joshua Tree?

It's illegal. Federal laws prohibit taking or damaging National Park wildlife and plants. Joshua trees also are a protected species under state law.

How cold does Joshua Tree get at night?

Winter brings cooler days, around 60°F (15°C), and freezing nights. It occasionally snows at higher elevations. Summers are hot, over 100°F (38°C) during the day and not cooling much below 75°F (24°C) at night.

Does Joshua Tree have mountain lions?

Mountain lions, otherwise known as cougars or pumas, have long been a part of the natural landscape of this area. Avoid hiking at dusk and dawn as this is when mountain lions are very active. ...

Are there scorpions in Joshua Tree?

Scorpions are eight-legged creatures, commonly found in a dry environment. The desert climate of Joshua Tree is a perfect home for these poisonous animals. ... In Joshua Tree, the scorpions are the giant and hairy type (Hadrurus Arizonensis).

Is Joshua Tree closing?

Joshua Tree National Park is open year-round. ... The busy season in Joshua Tree runs from October through May.

Are there rattlesnakes in Joshua Tree?

Yes, there are snakes at Joshua Tree, and the venomous creatures you may encounter in Joshua Tree National Park include rattlesnakes, scorpions, and black widow spiders. In fact, there are seven types of rattlesnakes and 26 different types of snakes that can be found in or near the park.

Is Joshua tree a tree?

Joshua trees aren't actually trees—they're succulents, a type of plant that stores water. In their dry ecosystems, however, they are considered trees of the desert. ... Joshua trees are desert plants and they are most commonly found in the Mojave Desert in the southwestern United States.

Is Joshua Tree Free?

Entrance to Joshua Tree and all other national park sites are typically free on these days: Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) Day. 3rd Saturday of April: First day of National Park Week.