Is ARB Australian owned?

Is ARB Australian owned?

It was exactly what Australian 4WDers had been waiting for, and ARB, the initials of Anthony Ronald Brown, was founded. Today, ARB is Australia's largest manufacturer and distributor of 4×4 accessories.

Is ARB a franchise?

ARB are franchises All stores apart from there main office's like head office here in Kilsyth are owner operated.

Who owns TJM?

CMI Limited (ASX:CMI) confirms that it has entered into a binding sale and purchase agreement for the TJM Products Pty Ltd (TJM) business with Aeroklas Australia Pty Ltd (Aeroklas), a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeroklas Co Ltd in Thailand which is wholly owned by Eastern Polymer Group, the Stock Exchange of Thailand ...

Are ARB bull bars made in Australia?

All ARB bull bars are manufactured right here, in Australia, from a state-of-the-factory located in Melbourne.

Which bull bar is best?

Bull Bars

  • Uneek bull bars are designed by engineers who actually drive off road regularly. ...
  • With over 40 years' experience in the bull-bar business, ECB is another name that commands respect. ...
  • In an epic comparison test, 4WD Action Magazine crowned the TJM T13 Steel Outback bar the "best overall bull-bar" – high praise indeed.

Should I get a bull bar?

A bullbar protects the front of the car so if you do collide with an animal then you've got a fair chance of driving on. ... Ideally, you don't want to hit anything, but if you do then it's a bullbar you need. Remember, minimise the chances of animal strikes by trying to travel at times other than dawn and dusk.

What is the difference between a bull bar and a nudge bar?

Bull bars are the bigger bar option, so they can essentially protect the entire frontage of your vehicle, including the headlights. Nudge bars, on the other hand, are smaller and will only protect you from straight-on collisions.

Are bull bars illegal?

It is not illegal for vehicles to be fitted with bull bars, but the Department for Transport doesn't recommend it unless it has been shown that they don't pose an additional risk of injury to other road users.

Do bull bars protect your car?

A review of studies on the safety effect of bull bars published in the journal Traffic Injury Prevention concluded that they “significantly alter the collision dynamics of vehicles, resulting in an increased risk of pedestrian injury and mortality in crashes.”

Do bull bars increase safety?

ANCAP does not test vehicles with bull bars fitted but research tests have shown that a bull bar can adversely affect performance in the ANCAP frontal offset test - increasing the risk of injury to occupants. ... The fitting of bull bars also increases the potential risk of injury to pedestrians.

Why is bull bar banned in India?

Bull bars cover the parts susceptible to a direct hit case of a collision. The airbags that are meant to save someone from a deadly accident, only open up when there is a force exceeding the set threshold. If the bull bars cover all these areas, the airbags might not open leading to severe injuries.

Are 5 post Bullbars illegal?

5 post bullbars. These state that 5 post bullbars are illegal on vehicles manufactured after 2002, with the exemption of commercial vehicles - UTES ARE COMMERCIAL VEHICLES AS ACCORDING TO THE RMS AND HENCE ARE EXEMPT. ...

Will a bull bar stop a deer?

An ARB bull bar is sure to serve as a durable shield between you and an animal that jumps out of nowhere. One testimony shows virtually no damage to their bumper after colliding at 60 mph with a deer. ... A Tough Country bumpers is another great choice looking for something to protect against surprises on the road.

What is a bull bar good for?

Bull Bars were specifically developed to protect vital engine parts during the unfortunate collision with animals. ... Bull Bars also offer protection to off-roading enthusiasts. They provide a great place for mounting auxiliary lights to brighten the trail or to mount a winch for even more versatility.

Are brush guards legal?

These are usually considered illegal in most states. Brush Guards/Push Guards: These are metal additions to a front or rear bumper, usually on a truck or SUV. They can cause severe damage to other vehicles in a car crash, and can increase the risk of injury to both the driver of the car and the other driver in a crash.

What's better alloy or steel bullbar?

Alloy bars are generally lighter, which means you can pack more gear in and are less likely to need a suspension upgrade. ... Due to the increased weight, you may also need to upgrade your suspension when installing a steel bullbar. Steel bullbars are heavier, yet have less give and flex due to their construction.”

How heavy is an ARB bull bar?


Is TJM Australian made?

TJM bull bars are designed, engineered, tested and manufactured in Australia.

How effective are bull bars against Kangaroo?

evidence that an animal penetrating a windscreen in a crash can inflict serious injuries on the vehicle's occupants. ... urban bull bars are just as effective at protecting the vehicle and preventing a kangaroo from penetrating a windscreen.

Do you need a bull bar for a winch?

Yes it can be done as the winch is mounted to the chassis ends , without the bullbar ,in a low mount winch, it really protrudes out as some I have seen kiss goodbye to their existing bumper bar , others cut the bumper bar and finish it off a little better.

Do Bullbars work?

If you do a lot of driving on rough, unsealed roads, a bullbar is a very handy after-market addition to your vehicle. ... Bullbars do a fantastic job of protecting the occupants of a vehicle when you're in a collision, whether that collision involves another car, or an animal like a cow or a kangaroo.

How much does it cost to get a winch installed?

Aside from the purchase price, there's also the cost of mounting the winch to your vehicle—not to mention the hassle. There are three main options: a hitch-mounted removable winch plate (about $270), a frame-mounted winch plate ($70 and up), or an off-road winch-compatible bumper ($300 and way up).

Are all ARB bull bars winch compatible?

Winch Compatibility Most ARB bars feature the option of fitting a winch, and all are designed and tested to endure and exceed such loads.

Can you make a bull bar winch compatible?

You can cut up a non-winch bar to fit a winch, but I would just add a thick backing plate to mount the winch on to spread the load. ... You can cut up a non-winch bar to fit a winch, but I would just add a thick backing plate to mount the winch on to spread the load.

How much does it cost to install bull bar?

It usually costs anywhere from $1000-2500 installed.

Are ARB bull bars powder coated?

Each ARB bull bar is specifically designed to complement the unique contours of individual vehicle models. ... All ARB bars are finished in a durable powder coat with the option to colour code to your vehicle in order to further enhance the bar's appeal and provide a more integrated look.

Are bull bars?

Current rules for the use of bull bars in NSW were enacted by regulation on 1 January 2003. ... “I have genuine concerns that people have purchased bull bars in good faith and are now subject to a police compliance campaign.” Smaller bars with no protrusions may be OK, or at least qualify for an exemption.

Will a bull bar fit any truck?

Both bull bars and their mounting kits are vehicle specific. Not every bull bar can be made to fit on every vehicle. In order to know if that bar fits on your truck, and what installation... ... Step mounting brackets are usually specific to the brand and series of the step, and also to the host vehicle and its cab style.

Are bull bars illegal in Ireland?

There may be cases where older vehicles are fitted with non-approved bull bars however under Irish road traffic regulations the fitment of non-essential projections is illegal, and so too is any modification to a vehicle which is liable to cause danger.