What Colour is woodland GREY?

What Colour is woodland GREY?

Woodland Grey® is inspired by the depth of cool green forest, the canopy of eucalyptus on a rugged mountain plateau, the twisted bark and deep olive green leaves of teatree along the coast, the mossy boulders and ferns found in mountain crevices.

Is Woodland GREY same as Slate GREY?

A dusty dark grey colour with a gloss finish. ...

What Colour is Dulux Woodland GREY?

The hexadecimal color code #53544f is a medium dark shade of yellow-green. In the RGB color model #53544f is comprised of 32.

Is monument the same as Woodland GREY?

Monument colorbond colour is a dark shade of grey. ... Both of these colorbond colors are dark, but while Ironstone has a bit of blue to it, Woodland Grey carries the tones of olives and eucalyptus in it. For lighter tones, better options are Dune and Shale Grey.

Is Woodland GREY green?

Woodland grey against a yellow toned colour and creams and it looks green. Against other greys and pink toned colours it looks more grey. Even amongst browns it looks more grey.

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Pantone has revealed its color of the year for 2021, and it's actually two! Known as the "global color authority," every year the color standards organization selects colors that are meant to serve as a reflection of what is happening in culture.

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Chili Pepper

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Sand Dollar

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Bright Pink

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