What does overstory mean?

What does overstory mean?

1 : the layer of foliage in a forest canopy. 2 : the trees contributing to an overstory.

Why are angiosperms so successful on land?

Terms in this set (2) because they have pollens and flowers/fruits. The flowers are able to attract insects and this allows better transportation of pollen. Also, animals and insects may eat the seeds, and that would also be good transportation of the seed because the seed is usually excreted.

What are the two types of dormancy in plants?

Dormancy has a significant role in the development of new species and the successful dispersal of existing species [2]. There are two types of seed dormancy in general: seed coat (physical) dormancy and internal dormancy. In seed coat dormancy, the seed coat prevents oxygen and/or water permeating into the seed.

What do many angiosperms rely on animals for?

More than 80 percent of angiosperms depend on animals for pollination: the transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigma. Consequently, plants have developed many adaptations to attract pollinators.

Why is using fruit to attract animals One of the reasons for the success of flowering plants?

The fruit protects the seeds and also helps to spread them. Many fruits are good to eat and attract small animals, such as birds and squirrels, who like to feed on them. The seeds pass through them unharmed, and then get spread through their droppings.