What is the layer above the understory?

What is the layer above the understory?


What is fire exclusion?

First, “fire suppression” is the act of extinguishing or fighting fires, while “fire exclusion” is the defacto policy of trying to eliminate fires from the landscape using fire suppression techniques.

What is in the fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers contain different chemicals, depending on the application. Handheld extinguishers, which are commonly sold at hardware stores for use in the kitchen or garage, are pressurized with nitrogen or carbon dioxide (CO2) to propel a stream of fire-squelching agent to the fire.

What are some possible consequences of preventing prescribed burns and natural wildfires?

What is a likely consequence of preventing prescribed burns to forest ecosystems? Natural wildfires will burn longer and hotter when they occur because there is more underbrush and fuel available. Without wildfires, forest ecosystems would be more likely to suffer from outbreaks of plant disease.

Why does California have so many fires?

California, like much of the West, gets most of its moisture in the fall and winter. Its vegetation then spends much of the summer slowly drying out because of a lack of rainfall and warmer temperatures. That vegetation then serves as kindling for fires.

Which Pine is most resistant to fire?

Canary Island pine

Can a tree catch on fire by itself?

Trees only catch fire when set alight by a blaze that already exists in the home and are seldom ever the source of ignition, said National Christmas Tree Association spokesperson Doug Hundley.

Does fire kill trees?

During fire injuries occur to different parts of trees through heat transfer processes such as convection, conduction and radiation, and direct tree death from fire is via heat injuries to crown, bole, and root tissues.

Do pine cones need fire?

Pine cones open up and release their seeds when it is warm and it is easier for the seed to germinate. Some pine cones, like that of the Jack Pine, need a fast hot fire to open and release their seeds.

How does fire stimulate growth?

And, when fire rages through dry underbrush, it clears thick growth so sunlight can reach the forest floor and encourage the growth of native species. Fire frees these plants from the competition delivered by invasive weeds and eliminates diseases or droves of insects that may have been causing damage to old growth.