Why are the roots of the trees in thorn forest long?

Why are the roots of the trees in thorn forest long?

Long roots- they have long roots to collect water from even several meters beneath the earth(under ground water) so that they are never out of water. Thorns or short leaves- they have leaves that are very small and some leaves have turned themselves into thorns to prevent loss of water by the process of transpiration.

Why do aquatic plants have waxy leaves?

aquatic plants have a thick waxy coating to prevent the plant from decaying. ... The waxy coating present on leaves of hydrophytes prevents wetting and clogging of stomata ‚Äčand extra water intake.

How is waxy coating on leaves useful for the lotus plant?

The waxy surface of the lotus leaf is actually quite rough. Observed at the microscopic level, it is coated with a thick bumpy layer of wax. ... The contact area between water and dirt is reduced, making the leaf highly water repellent, or hydrophobic. The wax is also capable of self-regeneration.

What are the four function of root?

Absorption of water and nutrients from the soil. Conduction of absorbed water and nutrients to stem. Storage of food. Vegetative reproduction and competition with other plants.

What is the function of roots and leaves?

Roots absorb water and minerals and transport them to stems. They also anchor and support a plant, and store food. ... The primary function of leaves is to collect sunlight and make food by photosynthesis.

What are the 5 main plant parts?

The main parts of a plant are roots, stem, leaves, flowers and fruit.