What is the major difference between the coniferous forest biome and the deciduous forest biome?

What is the major difference between the coniferous forest biome and the deciduous forest biome?

Deciduous trees have broad leaves that change color in the fall and spread their seeds using flowers. Coniferous trees have needles instead of leaves, they don't change color in the fall, and they use cones instead of flowers to spread their seeds.

What can conifer wood be used for?

Pretty much all conifer wood is excellent for getting fires going when dried and split. In Canada they call it 'fat wood' I believe. We use it to get our wood burner going when things are a bit cold and damp and once lit it goes like a rocket - sometimes literally.

What type of wood is a conifer?

Conifers produce wood which is termed 'softwood'. It is used for a huge range of products from pine furniture to paper. Coniferous woodlands in Britain are dominated by non-native species of conifers such as Douglas Fir (left), which have been imported to improve yields.

Is Conifer a hardwood or softwood?

Softwood and hardwood are distinguished in nature in terms of their reproduction rather than their end appearance and attributes. In general, hardwood comes from deciduous tree's which lose their leaves annually. Softwood comes from conifer, which usually remains evergreen.

Which one is a conifer?

All extant conifers are perennial woody plants with secondary growth. The great majority are trees, though a few are shrubs. Examples include cedars, Douglas firs, cypresses, firs, junipers, kauri, larches, pines, hemlocks, redwoods, spruces, and yews.

Why are these trees so tall?

In each case, these trees live in a climate where they can grow year-round. They get ample water and enough sunlight. There's plenty of nutrients and they have the genetics to grow tall. ... This all comes together to answer how a tree gets so big.

Why do trees get so tall?

A tree's height is also dictated by environmental conditions. Most trees are capable of being taller than they actually are, they're just limited by deficiencies in light, water, or nutrients. ... It comes down to water – not so much water supply, but the physics of moving water.

Can trees grow infinitely?

Just like people, leaves do not grow indefinitely. Once they reach a given size, they stop growing.