How can a healthy forest promote a healthy community?

How can a healthy forest promote a healthy community?

Similarly, enhancing the health of existing natural forests through planting appropriate tree species can simultaneously increase an ecosystem's ability to absorb and store carbon and provide a host of other environmental benefits, ranging from improving wildlife habitat and producing clean water to reducing wildfire ...

What might be a threat to the health of the forest?

Invasive insects (like the emerald ash borer and hemlock woolly adelgid) and diseases (like chestnut blight and Dutch elm disease) are perhaps the most noticeable threats, causing widespread tree mortality and changing forest ecosystems worldwide. ...

What are the problems faced by forests?

The conversion of forests to agricultural land, overgrazing, unmitigated shifting cultivation, unsustainable forest management, introduction of invasive alien plant and animal species, infrastructure development (e.g. road building, hydro-electrical development, urban sprawl), mining and oil exploitation, anthropogenic ...

What is the main problem of forest resources?

10 Main Problems Faced by the Indian Forestry are 1. Inadequate and Dwindling Forest Cover, 2. Low Productivity, 3. Nature of Forests and their Uneconomical Utilisation, 4.

Are forests in danger?

Many of the world's forests are at risk for deforestation. ... A new WWF report identifies the 11 regions of the world where most forest loss is expected to occur by 2030 if we do not change the way we address major forest threats, such as mining, agriculture, illegal logging and road construction.