How do thorns protect plants?

How do thorns protect plants?

Thorns represent the modification of an axillary shoot system in which the leaves are reduced and die quickly and the stems are heavily sclerified and grow for only a limited time (determinate growth). Thorns appear to protect the plant against herbivores.

Why do trees have thorns?

The primary reason trees developed thorns in the first place was to deter hungry herbivores. ... Nevertheless, thick hides and long tongues help many animals avoid thorns, and feed on the delicate foliage. In some places with ample herbivore pressure, thorns become very common.

Why do all desert plants have thorns?

The hairs and spines that grow on desert plants help reduce moisture loss by breaking the effects of the wind. They also help to cast small shadows on other desert plants, which can protect them from the sun. The hairs and spines can even serve to reflect the sun's rays away from plants because of their shininess.

What type of leaves are there in desert plants?

Deserts plants generally do not have leaves. Instead, they have a smooth green surface with thorns which are highly modified leaves adapted to reduce water loss. They generally bloom only once or twice a year for a short period of time and their seeds remain dormant until it rains.

What has thorns instead of leaves?

The desert plants have thorns instead of leaf. ... So to survive into desert environment plant have thorns instead of leaf. As leaves have pores in it which leave moisture bt thorns have no pores in it and they are very hard. It helps them to survive with less water in the deserts.

Which plant has spines instead of leaves?


Why do cacti have thorns instead of leaves?

By shading the cactus, these spines also help prevent the cactus from losing water through evaporation. So all in all, spines are adaptations that protect and help cacti hide from animals that may want to eat them. They also provide shade for the plant, which keeps them cooler and limits water loss.

Which plants have spines instead of leaves?

cactus have spines instead of leaves to prevent a loss of water from the surface of the leaf. Cactus has spines rather than leaves so as to save water. Cactus has spines rather than leaves so as to save water. Cactus has spines instead of leaves because to conusume water in hot deserts.

Which plant hormone is responsible for wilting of leaves?

abscisic acid

Why do plants grow in soil with little water grow slowly?

If a plant's soil has too much water, the roots can rot, and the plant can't get enough oxygen from the soil. If there is not enough water for a plant, the nutrients it needs cannot travel through the plant. A plant cannot grow if it doesn't have healthy roots, so the proper balance of water is key when growing plants.