How much rainfall does the tropical rainforest get annually?

How much rainfall does the tropical rainforest get annually?

Tropical rainforests occur in regions of the tropics where temperatures are always high and where rainfall exceeds about 1,800 to 2,500 mm (about 70 to 100 inches) annually and occurs fairly evenly throughout the year.

How many koalas died in bush fires?

41,000 koalas

What animal kills most humans in the world?


What kills you in Australia?

Dangerous Australians: 11 things that can kill you in Australia

  • Sharks. Australia has the highest number of fatal shark attacks in the world. ...
  • Crocodiles. Australian crocodiles have the strongest bite ever measured: at 3,000 kg of pressure, it would possibly even rival that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. ...
  • Centipedes. ...
  • Jack jumper ants. ...
  • Bees and wasps. ...
  • Poisonous spiders. ...
  • On the beach. ...
  • In the water.

How many cows kill humans per year?

Every year, approximately 20 people in the U.S. are killed by these seemingly docile creatures. The number of human deaths due to interactions with cows is also included in a study that indicated the total number of death due to “other mammals” in the U.S. between 2008 and 2015 was 72.

Why are kangaroos so ripped?

As part of kangaroo behaviour, males fight for mating rights to females, this fighting involves a lot of wrestling and kicking, hence the muscles are an advantage. They also use their forearms to cling to the female during mating.

What animal causes the most deaths in America?


Will a kangaroo attack you?

A kangaroo will attack a person as if they were another kangaroo. It may push or grapple with its forepaws or sit back and kick out with its hind legs. As resulting injuries can be serious, avoiding conflict with kangaroos is vital.

Can Kangaroos live in America?

As unlikely as it is, the simplest explanation would be that there is an unknown kangaroo population in America. All species of kangaroos are herbivores, and even in their native Australia, they are found living in habitats ranging from forests to grasslands. They can even weather colder temperatures.