How far are the Olympic Mountains from Seattle?

How far are the Olympic Mountains from Seattle?

It's approximately an 80-mile drive from Seattle to the visitor center, including a ferry ride.

How long is the loop around Olympic National Park?

Overview. Enter the loop highway, 101, at its junction with 104, then follow it for 330 miles (531 kilometers) around the peninsula counterclockwise via Port Angeles to Aberdeen; take Highway 12 inland to just west of Olympia, then follow 101 north to complete the loop along the Hood Canal.

How much does it cost to get into the Olympic National Park?

Effective J the park entrance fee will be $30 per vehicle or $25 per motorcycle. An annual park pass will cost $55. The NPS last October proposed a plan to adopt seasonal pricing at Olympic National Park and 16 other national parks to raise additional revenue for infrastructure and maintenance needs.

Is Port Townsend worth visiting?

Our neighbor to the east, Port Townsend, is a historically charming Victoria Seaport worth visiting. ... While the towns of the Olympic Peninsula, including Port Townsend, Sequim, and Port Angeles, each make wonderful places to visit, they are also extraordinary places to live and work.

How far is Port Townsend from Olympic National Park?

35 miles

Where are the Olympic Mountains?

Most of the mountains are protected within the bounds of Olympic National Park and adjoining segments of the Olympic National Forest. The mountains are located in western Washington in the United States, spread out across four counties: Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson and Mason.