What animals live in the temperate rainforest biome?

What animals live in the temperate rainforest biome?

Temperate Rainforest Animal List

  • Moose.
  • Elk.
  • Black-tailed deer.
  • Grizzly Bears.
  • American Black Bears.
  • Otters.
  • Rabbits.
  • Raccoons.

What is the climate of temperate rainforests?

Climate. Cool, moist marine west coast climates are associated with temperate rainforests growing in coastal areas. These climates are marked by a low annual temperature range with both summers and winters being relatively mild.

Where do we find temperate rainforests?

Temperate rainforests are found along coasts in temperate regions. The largest temperate rainforests are on the Pacific coast in North America, stretching from Alaska to Oregon. Other temperate rainforests are found along the coast of Chile, the United Kingdom, Norway, Japan, New Zealand, and S. Australia.

Does temperate mean cold?

The Köppen climate classification defines a climate as "temperate" when the mean temperature is above −3 °C (26.

What is the opposite of temperate?

temperate. Antonyms: immoderate, self-indulgent, intemperate, torrid, frigid, rigorous. Synonyms: moderate, abstemious, reasonable, sober, calm, cool, sedate, mild, genial.

What part of speech is temperate?

adjective. moderate or self-restrained; not extreme in opinion, statement, etc.: a temperate response to an insulting challenge.

What does balmy mean?

balmy \BAH-mee\ adjective. 1 a : having the qualities of balm : soothing. b : mild, temperate. 2 : crazy, foolish.