How much rain do temperate rainforests get?

How much rain do temperate rainforests get?

Temperate rainforests are also wet, but not as rainy as tropical rainforests. It rains about from 60 - 200 inches (150 - 500 cm) each year, while the other moisture comes from the coastal fog that lingers on the trees. The fog provides about 7 - 12 inches (18 - 30°C) of rain each year.

What is the average rainfall in a rainforest?

The average rainfall in the rain forest is the highest for any ecoregion on Earth. The climate in tropical rain forests is constantly warm and moist. The average rainfall in most rain forests is very heavy, about 200–450 centimeters (80–180 inches) per year.

Does it rain in temperate grassland?

In general, temperate grasslands receive 20 to 35 inches of rain a year. While seasonal droughts play less of a role in this biome than tropical savannas, rain usually falls seasonally, mostly in late spring and early summer. The amount of rain that falls in a grassland determines the height of the grasses.

Where is a temperate grassland?

Temperate grasslands can be found in various regions north and south of the equator including Argentina, Australia, and central North America. Temperatures vary with seasons with tornadoes, blizzards, and fires occurring in many temperate grassland regions.

What are the temperate grasslands of Europe called?

In Europe and Asia, temperate grasslands are called steppes. In South America grasslands are called pampas. In North America temperate grasslands are called prairies.

What are temperate grassland called in North America?


How many temperate grasslands are there in the world?

They cover 31-43% of the Earth's land area. There are different types of grasslands: natural grasslands, semi-natural grasslands, and agricultural grasslands....Temperate grasslands, savannas, and shrublands ecoregions.
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What lives in a grassland?

Grassland ecosystems can support high densities of grazing animals. They are home to many familiar and fascinating species that live in herds, including zebras and antelopes, and the predators that prey on them, like lions and cheetahs.

Which is the temperate region fruit?

Many of the world's best-known and favorite fruits (such as apple, pear, peach, plum, grape, and strawberry) are adapted to climates in the middle latitudes and are known as temperate fruits. The term "small fruits" refers to the size of the plant and not necessarily the fruit. ...

Is temperate climate good for farming?

Temperate soils are generally viewed as more favorable to agriculture than tropical soils because of higher nutrient levels. However, there are exceptions in both regions, with high productive volcanic and fluvial soils found in the tropics, and poorly developed and infertile soils in temperate regions.

Is India tropical or temperate?

Indias climate can be classified as a hot tropical country, except the northern states of Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir in the north and Sikkim in the northeastern hills, which have a cooler, more continental influenced climate. In most of India summer is very hot.

What countries are temperate?

This region includes much of Western Europe and some areas of the west coast of North America, in the Northern Hemisphere. In the southern half of the world, the south-east of Australia, New Zealand and some areas of Chile and Argentina have a temperate climate.

Is tea a tropical crop?

It is an important beverage crop which was introduced in India by british. Tea plant grows well in tropical and sub tropical climates. It grows in deep fertile soil. It requires warm ans moist frost free climate.