What is the Forest Research Institute located?

What is the Forest Research Institute located?


How many forest research institutes are there in India?

eight research institutes

Who built Fri?

Styled in Greeko Roman Architecture by C.G. Blomfield, the main building is a National Heritage which was inaugurated in 1929. FRI Dehradun is one of the oldest institutions of its kind and acclaimed the world over.

When was the Indian Forest Act passed?

Indian Forest Act, 1927
Indian Forest Act, 1865
CitationAct No. 16 of 1927
Territorial extentWhole of India
Enacted byImperial Legislative Council
Commenced21 September 1927

When was Fri established?


Is Fri open for visitors?

Visitors can also take advantage of guided tours on the campus of the FRI which take place daily. Opening Closing Time Guided tours operate from 9 am to 1 pm and then from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. The FRI Museum is open from 9:30 am to 5 pm daily.

How can I go to FRI Dehradun?

One can reach easily at Forest Research Institute by autorickshaw (vikram no- 6 from Connaught Place), bus or by taxi from any part of the Dehradun city. Dehradun railway station is at 6 kms from FRI and airport is at Jolly Grant Airport (31 kms).

Why Forest Research Institute was set up?

It was established to procure research in forestry that would facilitate the regular demand for wood for various uses that were necessary for various purposes in British India. FRI is a prestigious institution of the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education.

Which British architect has designed the building of Forest Research Institute?

C.G. Blomfield

Who was the first inspector general of forests in India?

Dietrich Brandis

How much part of total geographical area of India is under forest?

The Total Forest cover is 7,12,249 sq km which is 21.

Who wrote the book The Forest of India in the year 1923?

Edward Percy Stebbing

When was the first Indian Forest Service setup?


What is scientific forestry?

Answer: Scientific forestry is the science of forest and tree plantation management. Natural forests are cut down with various types of plants and substituted with one particular kind tree in lines defined as the plantation.

In which year was the Central Board of Forestry formed?


Which is better IAS or Indian Forest Service?

IAS Vs Indian Forest Service – Career Comparison Even though the IAS has better visibility in India and undoubtedly great prestige associated with it, the IFoS is also a lucrative career option for those interested in government service.

How do I become a DFO?

Candidate should hold a Bachelor's degree with at least one of the subjects namely, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science, Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Zoology or a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture or Forestry or Engineering of a recognised university or equivalent.

What is the salary of IFS officer?

The overall IFS salary is around 60,000 per month including all the benefits and allowances. But this salary differs based on the candidates posting, that is if the selected candidate got his/her posting in foreign countries then he/she may receive a salary of 2.

What should I study for IFS?

Indian Forest Service (IFS) Exam Preparation Tips Study thoroughly through text books and practice writing model answers. Get hold of previous years' question papers and try formulating correct and precise answers. You have to be proficient in English, as the questions are set and to be answered only in ENGLISH.

What are the benefits of an IFS officer?

Pros of IFS?

  • 2 or 3 BHK Accommodation.
  • Government Transportation.
  • Security and House Help.
  • Medical Expenses.
  • Water and electricity is almost free.
  • Free phone calls.
  • Retirement benefits and pension.
  • An IFS officer also has an option to study abroad and the expenses will be covered by the govt.

How can I prepare for IFS after 12th?

Appearing for civil services need at least graduation degree… but great thinking of civil services in 11th or 12th is great, as candidate need full attention and dedication towards this. So if you really want to join IFS then start your study from the first day. CIVIL SERVICES consists of 3 rounds. Interview.

Is becoming IFS officer difficult?

Becoming an IFS officer is not an easy task. It is a challenging and demanding job. Only the best candidates are selected to this post. In order to select these deserving candidates, Government of India has tasked UPSC with the task of conducting CIvil Services examination.

Can ifs choose country?

An IFS officer has to choose three places of his choice out of the number of vacant posts which are circulated. ... After completing his/her tenure in a given Mission/Post, the officer is again posted for three years to another Indian Mission/Post located in another country.

Are IFS officers Rich?

Some IFS officers are rich and live lavishly, far beyond what their salary might allow. ... Since the work culture of IFS is cosmopolitan, you may find every other diplomat indulged in novel-writing or public seminars.

Do IFS officers get bodyguards?

At initial levels IFS officers do not get bodyguards, as they are new to the service. 3rd secretary are basically language trainee who are not confirmed in the service yet. ... Ambassador or counsellor or minister might get some bodyguards.