Where can you find a temperate rainforest in the United States?

Where can you find a temperate rainforest in the United States?

The lush forests in the Quinault, Queets, Hoh, and Bogachiel valleys are some of the most spectacular examples of primeval temperate rain forest in the lower 48 states. These rain forests once stretched from southern Oregon to southeast Alaska, but little remains outside of protected areas.

What animals live in the Hoh Rainforest?

Many native fauna also make the Hoh Rainforest their home, including the Pacific tree frog (Pseudacris regilla), northern spotted owl (Strix occidentalis caurina), bobcat (Lynx rufus), cougar (Puma concolor cougar), raccoon (Procyon lotor), Olympic black bear (Ursus americanus altifrontalis), Roosevelt elk (Cervus ...

Are there bears in Hoh rainforest?

While quite a few potentially dangerous North American mammals will not be found during your Olympic Peninsula hike (no Grizzly Bear, for example), the park does have Mountain Lions (alternatively called "cougars"), Mountain Goats, Black Bears, and Roosevelt Elk - all large mammals that warrant our attention.

Can you drive through Hoh rainforest?

How to Get to the Hoh Rainforest. Getting to the Hoh is a long drive from anywhere! You will definitely need a car to get there. ... I recommend making it a loop, driving through Olympia and around Lake Crescent and Kalaloch Beach to the Hoh and then returning through Forks and Port Angeles.

When should I go to the Hoh rainforest?

The best time of year for sightseeing in Olympic National Park is spring through fall. This time of year is ideal because the rainforests can experience up to 50 inches of rain in the winter, and by late spring, the landscape is lush and vibrant with life.

Where should I stay in Hoh rainforest?

Kalaloch Lodge is the perfect choice for Hoh Rainforest lodging. Filled with every imaginable shade of green, Hoh Rainforest is one of the most spectacular temperate rainforests in the world. Mosses and ferns blanket the ground, while lush canopies of trees shade you from above.

How far is Hoh Rainforest from Seattle?

77 miles

What should you not miss in Olympic National Park?

Best Things To Do in Olympic National Park

  • #1. Hoh Rain Forest. Hoh Rain Forest. ...
  • #2. Hurricane Ridge. Hurricane Ridge. ...
  • #3. Kalaloch and Ruby Beach. Kalaloch and Ruby Beach. ...
  • #4. Lake Crescent. Lake Crescent. ...
  • #5. Mora and Rialto Beach. Mora and Rialto Beach. ...
  • #6. Sol Duc Valley. ...
  • #7. Olympic National Park Main Visitor Center and Wilderness Information Center. ...
  • #8. Staircase.

How long is ferry from Seattle to Olympic National Park?

about 90 minutes

How much is the ferry from Seattle to Port Angeles?

Fare TypePrice
Adult Passenger (12+)$19.

Can you drive from Seattle to Port Angeles?

Driving is also the quickest way to get to Port Angeles from the Seattle area despite numerous ferry options. ... Getting to Port Angeles, the Olympic National Park and Peninsula on Hwy 101 is a pleasant drive with most of the trip following the scenery of the Puget Sound.

Is Port Angeles a good place to live?

Port Angeles is in a beautiful location, and is an amazing place to live if you love the outdoors and want to live in a small town. Career opportunities are scarce, but its community college, Peninsula College, provides a great community college education and brings a lot of revenue into the town.

Can I drive from Seattle to Victoria BC?

Getting around the city is a breeze during a quick day trip from Seattle to Victoria, no car required! The cost of a round-trip Victoria Clipper fare changes depending on the season.

How much does the ferry cost from Seattle to Victoria?

How much is the ferry from Seattle to Victoria? The passenger-only round-trip fare for the Victoria Clipper ranges from $145 USD – $160 USD for a 7 day advance purchase depending on the time of year. SAVE on your Victoria Clipper ferry ride when booking a Seattle to Victoria overnight hotel package!

How much is the ferry to Victoria BC?

BC Ferries Connector Rates & Fares
AdultChild (age 5- 11)
Vancouver Downtown - Victoria Downtown One - Way$50.

How much is ferry from Seattle to Vancouver?

Passenger-only fares are about $19 each way; a car and driver is about $51 each way (as of June 2014): www.wsdot.wa.gov/ferries. The ride takes two to three hours, depending on its route through the San Juan Islands (plus time for clearing customs/immigration).

Can I rent a car in Vancouver and drive to Seattle?

Yes, you can. In fact, most car rental companies will allow you to drive your rental car from Seattle to Vancouver, but there may be restrictions.

What part of Canada is close to Seattle?

The closest major city directly to Seattle is actually Victoria B.C. (120 Km) and if you are driving (172 Km) but you also need to take a ferry to get off Vancouver Island. Vancouver B.C. is 192 Km by air and 229 Km if you drive.

Can you uber from Seattle to Vancouver?

You can use Uber from Seattle to Vancouver. Distance between Seattle and Vancouver is approx. 143 miles. Uber trip takes approximately 2 hours 30 min depending on traffic.