What kind of trees live in the temperate forest?

What kind of trees live in the temperate forest?

The main trees found in these forests are the great redwood, oak, ash, maple, birch, beech, poplar, elm and pine. Hardwood evergreen trees which are widely spaced and are found in the Mediterranean region are olive, cork, oak and stone pine.

Why is temperate forest important?

The temperate forests are globally important and unique. They host the largest and oldest organisms in the world. They serve as the world's major source of timber and wood products and are perhaps the only forests with some proven potential for sustainable management.

How will climate change affect Ireland?

If climate change continues at such a high rate, Ireland is likely to be affected by the following: Air temperature will rise by 1.

Where is the Celtic rainforest?


Is England a rainforest?

Rainforests in the UK are part of the Coastal Temperate Rainforest biome. This habitat is globally rare and some say is more threatened than tropical rainforest. The green areas on the map below show just how rare it is. Coastal temperate rainforest is a globally rare habitat.

Why are there no rainforests in Wales?

Over the centuries the Celtic rainforest has deteriorated due to issues ranging from the planting of conifers, the invasion of species such as Rhododendron ponticum to grazing by sheep and deer.

Does Asia have a rainforest?

The rainforests of Asia stretch from India and Burma in the west to Malaysia and the islands of Java and Borneo in the east. Bangladesh has the largest area of mangrove forests in the world. In Southeast Asia the climate is hot and humid all year round.

How many forests are there in Asia?

Globally, forests cover 30 percent of the total land area or just under 4 billion hectares. The forests of Asia and the Pacific together account for about one-fifth of the world's forests and cover around 26 percent of the land area in the region, or 734 million hectares.

Is there a rainforest in Africa?

Around 2 million km² of Africa is covered by tropical rainforests. They are second only in extent to those in Amazonia, which cover around 6 million km². Rainforests are home to vast numbers of species.

Where is the rainforest of Southeast Asia?

Many countries in Southeast Asia and Oceania have some rainforest, but those with the largest remaining forests are Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. This region's rainforests are among the most complex and species-rich ecosystems in the world.

What is the largest biome in Asia?

The major biomes delineated are (1) tropical rain forests, (2) tropical wet evergreen forests, (3) tropical moist forests, (4) tropical dry forests, (5) tropical thorn forests, (6) tropical desert, and (7) Himalayan temperate tundra.

What animals live in South East Asia?

The known mammal fauna of 160 species includes tiger, Asian elephant, douc langur (Pygathrix nemaeus), red-cheeked gibbon (Hylobates gabriellae), pileated gibbon (Hylobates pileatus), wild dog, Malayan sun bear, clouded leopard, common leopard, gaur, banteng, Javan rhinoceros, Eld's deer, and southern serow ( ...

How do human activities affect tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia is home to nearly 15% of the world's tropical forests. ... Human activities such as logging and clear-cutting for food production, cash crops and agriculture are the main drivers of this forest loss.