Why are trees deciduous?

Why are trees deciduous?

Deciduous trees mostly come from places where winter gets cold and snowy. When it is very cold, the water in the tree can freeze – the leaves stop working and can even be damaged by the ice crystals.

Which part of the world are tropical deciduous forest found?

Tropical deciduous are the monsoon forests found in the large part of India,northern Australia and in central America (Fig.

Which state in India does not have tropical deciduous forest?

They extend from the Shivalik ranges in the North to the eastern flanks of the western ghats in peninsular India. Whereas Rajasthan consists of Thorn forests.

In which part of the world are tropical deciduous forest found Class 7?

Answer: Tropical deciduous forests are found in regions that experience seasonal changes like India, northern Australia and Central America.

What climate do citrus fruits grow in?

(v) In which climatic conditions are citrus fruits cultivated? Answer: Citrus fruits are grown in regions marked for hot, dry summers and mild rainy winters. These citrus fruits include oranges, figs, olives and grapes. (vi) Mention the uses of coniferous forest.

What are the four means of transport class 7?

The four major means of transport are roadways, railways, waterways and airways. Communication is the process of conveying messages to others.