What type of soil is in a temperate forest?

What type of soil is in a temperate forest?

mull soils

What is the soil like in a deciduous forest?

Deciduous forests have soils called Alfisols. These soils do not have a bleached E horizon, but do have clays that accumulate in the subsoils. Alfisols are very common in the Midwestern region, and are the most fertile type of forest soils. In the Southeastern US, there are coniferous forests and temperate forests.

What are three soils that form in forest biomes?

Spodosols – acidic, sandy forest soils under conifers. Alfisols – moderately leached soils often found in temperate forests.

Can fir trees grow in your lungs?

Tiny fir tree found in man's lung. on the BBC Web site of a 5-cm fir tree discovered by doctors in the lungs of a Russian botanist who underwent resection for a “lung tumor” after he presented with chest pain.

Can plants grow on human body?

Yes, plants can grow inside human bodies.

Can trees grow in your stomach?

The possibility of seeds germinating and growing in the stomach is zero. While there have been rare cases of plants growing in the lungs, the stomach is much too harsh an environment for any seed to survive there.

Why do trees look like lungs?

Globally, trees are often recognized as the 'lungs of the world' because they exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with the atmosphere.

What would Earth be like without plants?

If there were no plants on the planet we wouldn't be able to breathe. Humans in particular, however, also produce other waste. Modern life produces considerable volumes of chemical waste in all kinds of ways. Factories, cars and heating, for instance, but modern building materials and fabrics also ´breathe´ out toxins.

Why can't people survive without plants?

FILTHY AIR: Without trees, humans would not be able survive because the air would be unsuitable for breathing. If anything, people would have to develop gas masks that filter the little oxygen that would be left in the air. ... Anyway, trees take carbon from the atmosphere through photosynthesis in order to make energy.

Do trees think?

Probably the best evidence we have—and keep in mind that scientists have looked at humans and animals a lot longer than plants—is kin recognition between trees and seedlings that are their own kin. ... Those old trees can tell which seedlings are of their own seed.