Which type of climate biome is found in Georgia?

Which type of climate biome is found in Georgia?


What animal live in a tree?

What do sloths, koalas, flying snakes, geckos, tarsiers, and opossums all have in common? They form an interesting group of organisms that are adapted to tree-top living. Arboreal animals spend most of their time eating, sleeping, playing and raising their young in the trees.

Why can sea animals not live on land?

Water has oxygen too. Fish get the oxygen their bodies need by pumping water over their gills. ... Gills extract oxygen from water and send it into the fish's blood stream. For this reason, most fish, and other aquatic animals that get oxygen from water, can't survive on land very long.

What was the first animal on land?

myriapod Kampecaris obanensis

Can lungfish live on land?

The lungfish, also known as salamanderfish, is a type of freshwater fish best known for its ability to live on land, without water, for months on end, and sometimes even years. ... These fish can even drown if they are held underwater for a long time.

Did life start on land or water?

First cells likely arose in steamy mud pots, study suggests. Earth's first cellular life probably arose in vats of warm, slimy mud fed by volcanically heated steam—and not in primordial oceans, scientists say. (Also see "All Species Evolved From Single Cell, Study Finds.")

Who created earth?

Earth formed around 4.

Did all life start in the ocean?

Life on earth probably began in the depths of the ocean and not on the planet's surface, claim scientists. The research is reported in the latest edition of the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Chemical Society Reviews.

Where does life begin in the ocean?

Origins of life: new evidence first cells could have formed at the bottom of the ocean. Where did life come from? In recent years, many scientists have shifted from favouring a "primordial soup" in pools of water to hydrothermal vents deep in the ocean as the original source of life on Earth.

How long has life been found on the land?

approximately 3.

How did life started on Earth?

ATLANTA—A cataclysm may have jump-started life on Earth. A new scenario suggests that some 4.

How is life possible at the bottom of the ocean?

Deep-sea animals must survive on the decaying scraps of dead organisms from the upper layers of the ocean, which sink to the bottom. A rich supply of this stuff might account for the rich ecosystem Drazen found in the Mariana Trench. ... This combination of pressure and cold has strange effects on animals' bodies.