What is temperate evergreen forest vegetation?

What is temperate evergreen forest vegetation?

Temperate evergreen forests are found predominantly in areas with warm summers and cool winters, and vary enormously in their kinds of plant life. ... Many species of trees inhabit these forests including pine, cedar, fir, and redwood. The understory also contains a wide variety of herbaceous and shrub species.

What are the characteristics of a deciduous forest?

Key Characteristics of Temperate Deciduous "Broadleaf" Forest

  • Deciduous forests have a long, warm growing season as one of four distinct seasons.
  • There is abundant moisture.
  • The soil typically is rich. ...
  • Tree leaves are arranged in strata: canopy, understory, shrub, and ground.

What is coniferous vegetation?

Coniferous forest, vegetation composed primarily of cone-bearing needle-leaved or scale-leaved evergreen trees, found in areas that have long winters and moderate to high annual precipitation. The northern Eurasian coniferous forest is called the taiga or the boreal forest.

What are the characteristics features of tropical desert vegetation?

The main features of the tropical desert vegetation are that the trees are scattered and stunted due to scanty rainfall. Most of the plants are leafless. Two main species of trees found in the region are khejri and cacti.

What are the useful trees of thorn forest?

Answer: Acacias, palms, euphorbias and cacti are the main plants found in thorny forest. Some of the wood is converted to charcoal and used for cooking. Fodder from the forest forms an important source for cattle and other grazing animals.