Do seals eat penguins?

Do seals eat penguins?

In three of the four recorded incidents the seal let the penguin go. But on one of the more recent occasions, the seal killed and ate the penguin after trying to mate with it. Fur seals often catch and eat penguins on the island.

Do killer whales live in the tundra?

Killer Whale: The Killer Whale is an animal that is well suited to thrive in the cold climate of the tundra. It has layers of insulating blubber and its diet makes it easy for it to survive beneath the ice.

Do orcas eat humans?

They want to eat you - Since you are not part of their very specific diet, killer whales have no reason to attack you. Just as a fish-eating orca won't attack a seal that swims by, they won't attack you either. Humans aren't on the menu.

What are the adaptations of a killer whale?


  • They can swim very fast (up to 30 mph) to catch prey.
  • Can easily glide through water with use of dorsal fin and pectoral flippers.
  • Blubber for warmth.
  • Echolocation for communication and finding food.
  • Sharp teeth to rip apart and chew their prey.
  • Travel in pods for warmth and share food.

Are killer whales in Antarctica?

Orca whales are found almost everywhere throughout the earth's oceans. ... Furthermore, small calves have been sighted in mid winter, indicating that orcas are the only species of whale to breed in Antarctic waters. They are common in Antarctic waters, with a population estimated at about 70,000.

Is there sharks in Antarctica?

It has been 40 million years since the waters around Antarctica have been warm enough to sustain populations of sharks and other fish, but they may return this century due to the effects of global warming.

Why are Antarctic orcas yellow?

As evidence, the researchers point to the yellowish coating on Antarctic killer whales caused by a thick accumulation of diatoms or algae on their outer skin. The coloring is noticeably absent when they return from warmer waters, indicating they've shed the upper layer of skin.

Do orcas eat penguins?

Killer whales are top-level predators in the ocean. ... Killer whales have also been reported to eat many other types of animals including leatherback sea turtles, dugongs, moose, and penguins and other seabirds. Antarctic small type B killer whales have been observed hunting penguins like these Adélies.

Do seals live in Antarctica?

Seals and sea lions are one of the few groups of marine mammals that live in the Antarctic. ... Six different species of seal live in Antarctic waters: Ross, Weddell, crabeater, leopard, fur and elephant seals.

Do orcas live in tropical waters?

Killer whales live in any ocean between 0 degrees Celsius and tropical water temperature. The depth of the ocean doesn't affect them—they have even been known to enter rivers. Killer whales travel in pods, which normally consist of a mother and her offspring.