What is the average precipitation in the temperate deciduous forest?

What is the average precipitation in the temperate deciduous forest?

750 to 1,500 millimeters

What is the difference between a boreal forest and a temperate forest?

Boreal forests are the evergreen forests that are far to the north, and transition into the tundras. There are also evergreen temperate forests, which are mixes of coniferous and deciduous plants. Temperate forests are primarily deciduous.

What seems to be the major difference between a deciduous forest and a coniferous forest?

A lot of deciduous forests grow in places with clearly defined seasons. ... In these places, deciduous trees lose their leaves during the dry season. Coniferous forests grow in places with long, cold winters and warm, wet summers. Some coniferous forests grow in very cold places where other trees can't survive.

Do birds eat holly berries?

Holly plants are excellent bird feeders and the fruits are very desirable to birds. Some fruits from plants like Viburnums and Holly plants may not be the first fruits to be taken by birds. ... Holly berries will not harm the birds feeding on them so be sure to include them in your backyard wildlife refuge.

What animals eat holly berries?

Deer, squirrels, and other small mammals will devour Ilex opaca (American holly) and the berries are an important source of food for as many as 18 species of birds.

How can you tell if a holly tree is male or female?

The best way to determine the sex of holly plants is by examining the flowers, which are located between the leaf and branch joint. Although the small clusters of creamy white flowers are similar in appearance, males have more prominent stamens than females.

Can I grow holly from berries?

Hollies can be grown from seed. Collect seed from the berries in December, January and February. Remove the flesh of the berries and rinse the small seeds. Then plant them into compost and leave to germinate outdoors.

Are all hollies dioecious?

Do all holly require male and female plants? Yes, almost always. Holly is Dioecious. Dioecious means that they belong to a group of plants that have both male and female flowers.

Is Holly a tree or a bush?

Choosing & Growing Holly Trees Ilex is a genus of around 500 trees and bushes that are a mix of evergreen and deciduous, though Holly is generally associated with evergreen trees.

How close do hollies need to be to pollinate?

100 feet

Do holly trees have deep roots?

Incredibly hardy, holly plants have an extensive, deep root system that allows them to establish themselves easily and compete well for nutrients and water.

Why does Holly have spiky leaves?

Researchers found leaves are much more prickly lower down the tree where herbivores can reach, suggesting the spines have evolved to protect the species. Even more surprisingly, the same tree can also grow smooth leaves higher up where the browsing goats and deer can't reach.

Do holly trees attract bees?

Bees are attracted to holly bushes because of the flowers that bloom for two to three weeks. Though beneficial to the plant, bees can be dangerous, especially to young children who are allergic. The use of a simple homemade bee repellent, however, is one method of keeping the bees around your holly bush to a minimum.

How close do you plant male and female holly?

Plant one male holly for every 10 or so female plants and within 30 feet or so of the females. Alternately, plant hollies in measured rows, making every third one or so male, and offset males in neighboring rows.

Can you cut off the top of a holly tree?

Should I cut the top out to encourage branching? ANSWER: It's better not to remove the top of a tree. Cutting off the central leader encourages branching that produces an abnormally shaped tree. The upper branches of a tree may be several feet apart.

Do holly bushes attract bugs?

4. Unlike other native shrubs, holly leaves are very tough and unpalatable to insects... Holly leaves provide food for just 29 species of insects, compared to nearly 200 for hawthorn and over 260 for blackthorn.

What bugs eat holly bushes?

Holly tree pests such as scale, mites, and holly leaf miner are the most commonly seen affecting hollies. Scale – While light infestations of scale can usually be controlled by hand, scale control for heavier infestations generally requires the use of horticultural oil.

Why are flies attracted to my holly bush?

aphids, scale insects, mealybugs, and some others exude "honeydew" a sweet sticky secretion which attracts the flies and wasps. Given that it is holly and given the magnitude of the problem, scale insects would be my guess, but that's a guess. You need to inspect closely and find out what insect you have.

Do holly bushes attract mosquitoes?

Q.Do holly bushes attract mosquitoes It isn't that the bush, itself, attracts them because it is a Holly, rather the more compact it is the more it will attract them. Some Hollies are very compact, which will hold moisture. This is a good breeding ground for mosquitoes. ... This goes for most shrubs.