Does Taiga get pregnant?

Does Taiga get pregnant?

During Taiga's ending on the PSP, she marries Ryuuji (which now makes her Taiga Takasu) and becomes pregnant with triplets, in which this ending is also how presumably it would've gone in the anime.

Is Ryuji in love with Taiga?

Afterwards, Minori confirms Ryuuji's love for Taiga. Later at work, Taiga finds Ryuuji waiting for her and agrees to talk to him after the shift. However after work, Ryuuji and Taiga's mothers confront their children, and the two flee.

Who is taiga aisaka dating?

Ryuuji Takasu

Who is Taiga's crush?

Minori Kushieda

Is Ami in love with ryuuji?

Ryuuji Takasu Intriguingly, Ami begins to develop romantic feelings towards Ryuuji. However, she is thoroughly annoyed by Ryuuji's denseness to her many hints about her attraction to him, which is further perpetuated by the fact that he doesn't even realize his own feelings despite much evidence to the contrary.

Who does Yūsaku Kitamura end up with?

Sumire Kano

When did Taiga fall in love with ryuuji?

I guess the “correct” answer would be episode 19 in which Taiga realizes that she's in love with Ryuji. However, I think that the first major indication of her romantic feelings for Ryuji was shown in episode 8 when she saved him from drowning in the pool.

Did Minori like ryuuji?

It was revealed that Minori was in love with Ryuuji the entire time but she decided not to act on her feelings for the sake of Taiga's happiness. It's pretty hard not to adore someone after such a selfless act.

Is toradora finished?

The manga has not been finished yet, so we don't know the ending of it per-se. I wouldn't call it the furthest in terms of plot, as it doesn't really cover their third-year high school life or beyond. However, there is the Toradora visual novel that does cover what happens after their high school graduation.

How old is Ryuji's mom?

Yasuko Takasu
Personal Status
OccupationClub Entertainer

Did Kawashima like Ryuji?

Yes she absolutely did. She said it (/hinted) a few times, even once to him near the end. I'm confused because I know she likes Ryuuji but at the same time it seems like she wants Ryuuji to end up with Taiga.

What is a Oujidere?

An Oujidere refers to a character who wants to be treated like a prince by the person he loves, even if he is not actual royalty. Oujidere characters have a prince complex. They can be real princes or only want to be treated like one. This is the male equivalent of Himedere.

What dere is Aqua?

Baka-dere Since they are so moronically stupid, they seem to have no real shame in situations that would embarrass most people. However, they can be quite cute and innocent as well. Aqua of KonoSuba is an example of Bakadere.