What are the characteristics of a coniferous tree?

What are the characteristics of a coniferous tree?

Most conifers are evergreen, have perennial leaves, i.e. their leaves stay on the shoots 3-8 years. Some conifers, however, have deciduous leaves, lasting only one season (e.g. Larix sp.) The leaves are always simple, either narrow, linear or needle-like, or very small, scale-like.

How do humans affect the coniferous forest?

One of the prime impacts that humans have had on the Coniferous Forest is from deforestation. As a result of deforestation, boreal forests are beginning to lose their supply of trees and wood, which are actually vital to the success of the Coniferous biome.

Which environment would have the most coniferous trees?

The coniferous forests can be found in the Northern Hemisphere. Some coniferous forests are located in warmer climates, but much of the world's coniferous forests grow best in cold, snowy areas that have short summers. Conifers have waxy needles and seed producing cones.

Does forest really plant trees?

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What percent of Earth is forest?

31 percent