What do conifers look like?

What do conifers look like?

Conifers are trees with unique scale-like leaves or needles and their seed-bearing cones are easily recognised. ... Gingko is also a conifer, but its triangular leaves are clearly different and like yew its cones (on female plants) also have a fleshy covering.

Where do conifers grow best?

Conifers are most abundant in cool temperate and boreal regions, where they are important timber trees and ornamentals, but they are most diverse in warmer areas, including tropical mountains.

Do conifers like sun or shade?

Most conifers will tolerate a bit of shade as long as they are growing in moist soil, however, there are a few varieties that will grow happily in more shady areas and many of these can be shaped into topiary forms so the possibilities of shape and form are endless.

Do conifer trees have deep roots?

Although conifer roots are shallow, they spread up to seven times as wide as they mature. Seek professional guidance if you're unsure, it's important not to plant within root distance of drains, driveways or the foundations of a property. You should also avoid nearby utilities.

When should I plant conifers?

When to Plant If you have the choice, early autumn planting works best for most conifers so their roots can establish whilst the soil is still warm, leaving them best equipped to cope with the winter cold and grow strongly in spring.

Why are my conifers going brown?

Many factors may cause browning of conifer needles. The most common cause of brown needles is winter browning. ... If these trees do not have sufficient stores of water from the fall to last through the winter, they may dry out and their needles turn brown.

Can you cut the top off a conifer?

Evergreens should not be topped, or cut off at a certain height, because this will produce trees that are anything but attractive. Trees that are topped are also at a greater risk for disease and other ailments. Do not prune conifer trees too late in the year.

Does topping a pine tree kill it?

Topping spoils a pine tree's natural shape. Cutting the top off a pine tree (​Pinus​ spp.) won't immediately kill the tree, but a large pruning wound could leave the tree open to potentially deadly infections. Canopies of pine trees and many other evergreens grow outward from the needle-bearing tips of branches.

What do you do with conifer clippings?

All conifers are tougher to break down so would recommend shredding/chopping where possible and adding in small amounts each week (about a bucket full each go) mixed with easy to digest waste.

What is the best time of year to cut conifers?

Conifers should be cut only twice a year at different times. For example, pruning should be done in late winter or early spring when the trees are dormant whereas trimming should be performed in late summer or early autumn when conifers have shed their needles.

How often should you trim conifers?

Quick-growing conifers will need about three cuts per year during the growing season, at roughly eight week intervals. Inspect your hedge thoroughly before trimming it to ensure there are no birds nesting within.

What is the best fertilizer for conifers?

Conifers are not heavy feeders and need only an annual application of a general, complete garden fertilizer such as or 16-8-8, or a top dressing of well-rotted manure. It is best to fertilize in the early spring before the plants break dormancy, or in late fall before the soil freezes.

What type of soil do conifers like?

Most conifers need well-drained soil that's rich in organic matter. Some sand or gritty soil mixed with generous quantities of bark is my favorite mix. Stay away from “potting soil,” which does not drain well and becomes “sludgy” over time. You should also avoid peat moss, which will often cause root rot.

How do you reduce the height of a conifer hedge?

Conifer hedges

  1. Reduce the height by up to one-third in April.
  2. Thin out the side branches, removing selected branches right back to the trunk but leaving the others intact. ...
  3. Mulch and feed in spring to encourage vigorous re-growth.
  4. Allow at least a full growing season for recovery.

How high can leylandii grow legally?

The owner of the hedge cannot be forced to cut the hedge below 2 metres in height or to remove it entirely. If your neighbour fails to cut the hedge, they could be prosecuted and fined 1000.

Will leylandii grow back after cutting?

It will grow back after cutting, so cutting 2-3 times a year as previously mentioned is recommended. However, Leylandii hedges do not grow back in all circumstances. If the hedge is brown, new buds will not reappear as these branches have already died.

How do you shape a leylandii tree?

Trim your Leylandii hedge immediately after planting if there are branches coming out further or higher than you want the hedge to be. Trim the sides back to the width and height you want twice a year. This will encourage the shoots within the hedge to branch out and fill in the hedge to form a dense screen.

Do leylandii have deep roots?

Leylandii trees will grow fast but their roots will not penetrate buildings or foundations. They are very shallow rooted and very fibrous thin roots.