What are the main characteristics of the coniferous forest Class 8?

What are the main characteristics of the coniferous forest Class 8?

Ans: Following are the main characteristics of coniferous forest: Limited species of trees are found. These trees are evergreen and grow apart from each other. Trees are conical shaped with needle shaped leaves and trees are found in large groups.

What are the uses of coniferous forest?

Answer: The woods of coniferous forest are useful for making pulp, which is used for manufacturing paper and newsprint. Match boxes and packing boxes are also made from softwood. Chir, pine, cedar are the important variety of trees in these forests.

Where is the coniferous forest located?

The coniferous forest is the largest biome on land. The coniferous forest biome is found in the northern parts of Asia, Europe, and North America.

How do animals adapt to the coniferous forest?

Camouflage and Color Change Snowshoe hares prefer to live in dense coniferous forests, and these mammals have developed a unique adaptation: the changing of their fur color from season to season. ... During the winter months, the hares grow white fur, which helps them to blend into snow that may coat the forest floor.

How do forest grow?

The crown uses the water, nutrients and sunlight to produce sugar for tree growth. ... Most of the trunk of a tree is dead wood, but the outmost part directly under the rough bark is where all the action happens.

What are the seasons in the coniferous forest?

There are usually long, cold, mild, and wet summers in this region. During winter, chilly winds from the Arctic cause extreme cold weather in the coniferous forest. The length of the day mostly varies on the season. Summer days are shorter because of the tilt of the earth on its axis, while winters are longer.

What are the similarities and differences in the temperate forest and the coniferous forest?

-Coniferous forests are temperate forests that experience all four seasons but the difference between a broadleaf temperate forests and a coniferous temperate forest is that the coniferous forests usually experience a more severe winter and the dominant tree type is pine trees.

What are some of the similarities between boreal and temperate forests?

Even though these types of forests are very different, their soil characteristics are very similar. Boreal forests are the evergreen forests that are far to the north, and transition into the tundras. There are also evergreen temperate forests, which are mixes of coniferous and deciduous plants.

What is the difference between taiga and coniferous forest?

Taigas are thick forests. Coniferous trees, such as spruce, pine, and fir, are common. Coniferous trees have needles instead of broad leaves, and their seeds grow inside protective, woody cones. While deciduous trees of temperate forests lose their leaves in winter, conifers never lose their needles.

Is boreal forest the same as coniferous forest?

The northern Eurasian coniferous forest is called the taiga or the boreal forest. Both terms are used to describe the entire circumpolar coniferous forest with its many lakes, bogs, and rivers. Coniferous forests also cover mountains in many parts of the world.

What is unique about the boreal forest?

The boreal forest is characterized by its diverse coniferous tree species, unique plants, animal species, bird species, and lakes and wetlands. ... The boreal forest covers just less than 30% of forest cover in the world, with the largest regions in Canada and in Russia.

Where are the coniferous forests found in Asia?

Coniferous forests are found in Asia, primarily in Siberia, China, Korea, and Japan, and on the slopes of the Himalaya and Hindu Kush Mountains. In Europe, they cover much of Scandinavia and the coast of the Baltic Sea and are found on the primary mountain ranges—the Alps, the Vosges, and the Carpathians.

Why are temperate coniferous forests important?

Answer. The temperate coniferous forest is cone-bearing , scaled leaved evergreen trees found in temperate regions. ... Coniferous forest is important because they sustain life by providing habitat to the variety of animals such as insects, shrews, squirrels, woodpeckers and nuthatches in these forests.

Which one of the following is commonly found in temperate coniferous forest?

Temperate needle leaf or coniferous forests or taiga forests occur in temperate areas (mostly northern hemisphere and some parts of New Zealand), with precipitation both as snow and rainfall (variable). Pinus wallichiana is commonly found.

What is meant by temperate forest?

A temperate forest is a forest found between the tropical and boreal regions, located in the temperate zone. ... These forests cover both hemispheres at latitudes ranging from 25 to 50 degrees, wrapping the planet in a belt similar to that of the boreal forest.