How can you tell the difference between jarri and Marri?

How can you tell the difference between jarri and Marri?

But the biggest point of difference? The gumnuts, which are actually a woody fruit. The Jarrah has small, rounded gumnuts, while the Marri has large, urn shaped nuts, called 'honky nuts' in Western Australia. The final clue lies in the flowers, with the Jarrah flower caps being long and narrow with a large peak.

How do you identify a Marri tree?

A Marri tree may grow 60 metres high, but is sometimes much smaller and grows as a mallee. The rough bark is greyish-brown to dark brown and flakes off in small pieces. The leaves are 85 to 150 millimetres long; dull to shiny dark green above and paler below, with closely packed veins.

Is Marri good firewood?

Marri is a very hard timber, with interlocking grain. Marri has an air dried (12%) density of 850kg/m3. For readers in the Northern Hemisphere, this compares to European Oak at 720kg/m3 and American White Oak at 760kg/m3. Not good for firewood, as it is hard to split and the burnt gum tends to block up chimneys.

What is the cleanest burning wood?

Hardwood Firewood Hardwoods such as maple, oak, ash, birch, and most fruit trees are the best burning woods that will give you a hotter and longer burn time. These woods have the least pitch and sap and are generally cleaner to handle.

What is a half cord of wood called?

Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Half a cord of wood will burn in the fireplace. The measurement "cord" is used to refer to a quantity of wood, specifically a stack of 128 cubic feet or 4 by 8 by 4 feet. A half-cord is, self-evidently, half this amount or 64 cubic feet.

How long does it take to season cherry firewood?

about 6-12 months