What are synonyms for jungle?

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What are synonyms for jungle?

In this page you can discover 40 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for jungle, like: forest, wilderness, tropical rain forest, wood, rainforest, canyon, outback, pampas, bush, primeval-forest and boscage.

How would you describe a jungle?

A jungle is a forest thick with trees, other plants, and animals. ... Jungles — thick tropical forests — are full of life: birds, insects, reptiles, monkeys, and often gorillas and other animals. They're dangerous places, even for the animals that live there. This is why jungle also means any place that is risky or wild.

What can you see in a jungle?

You will find animals like jaguars, howler monkeys, tigers, and cobras, and maybe a lion or two. There are plenty of unusual creatures also living there. A quick trip to the jungle, you could find an elephant or an orangutan, or even a Bengal tiger.

What is the most dangerous place in world?

  • 10 Most Dangerous Cities in The World to Travel.
  • Caracas, Venezuela.
  • Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
  • Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Guatemala City, Guatemala.
  • Acapulco, Mexico.
  • Baghdad, Iraq.

Why is the jungle so dangerous?

Water-related illness: Jungles are wet places, and sometimes being wet can be dangerous. If your feet stay wet for a prolonged period, you can develop trench foot, or immersion foot. ... You can also get sick from drinking the water in a jungle. Creeks and streams contain parasites that can make you extremely ill.

What is the most feared animal in the world?

The 10 most dangerous animals in the world

  • Cape buffalo. ...
  • Cone snail. ...
  • Golden poison dart frog. ...
  • Box jellyfish. ...
  • Pufferfish. ...
  • Black mamba. ...
  • Saltwater crocodile. ...
  • Tsetse fly.

What are lions scared of?

Lions (male and female) are afraid of large mammals like giraffes, hippos and elephants, but they are also afraid of their day-to-day prey. Every time a hunt takes place, their prey animals are going to try their best to resist.

Would a lion eat a human?

Man-eating lions have been recorded to actively enter human villages at night as well as during the day to acquire prey. ... It is estimated that over 250 people are killed by lions every year. Man-eating lions studies indicate that African lions eat humans as a supplement to other food, not as a last resort.

Would a lion eat a baby?

It's rare for lions to eat babies. ... Some lions hunt humans because of a lack of other natural prey, while others simply seem to like how people taste. But while it's unusual, baby attacks do happen.

Will pigs eat humans?

But not at all uncommon. It's a fact: Pigs eat people. ... In fact, it's been whispered for years that the Mafia uses hogs to help them dispose of bodies. All awfulness aside—we know a hog will eat a human.

Do lions eat cats?

Yes they do. An analysis of 83 mountain lion carcasses found that over 50% had cat remains inside them. While a mountain lion's favored prey is deer, they have been known to kill and eat anything lower down the food chain including insects.