How much does a jungle gym cost?

How much does a jungle gym cost?

Playset Prices Playsets or jungle gyms cost between $200 and $5,000 or more. Material, features, and brand all play a major role in price. A custom set featuring premium wood can easily reach $10,000. Jungle gyms are swing sets that come with something extra attached, like a slide, lookout deck, awning, or trampoline.

Are jungle gyms dangerous?

“Injuries resulting from falls are the most common and climbing equipment, such as monkey bars, accounts for the majority of injuries that occur on public playgrounds.” ... Fractures from falling off the jungle gym. "A lot of the main issues are the surfaces kids are falling onto," Dr. Brown adds.

What are jungle gyms made of?

The jungle gym, also called monkey bars or climbing frame, is a piece of playground equipment made of many pieces of material, such as metal pipe or rope, on which participants can climb, hang, sit, and in some configurations slide.

What is playground equipment called?

Swings, slides, playground climbers, see saws, merry-go-rounds, spring riders, and tubes are the basics. They all come in a variety of sizes, styles, and themes to fit your playground's uniqueness.

What is the best playground in the world?

The World's Best Playgrounds

  • Belleville Park -Paris, France.
  • Jungle Gym -Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Nishi-Rokugo Park -Tokyo, Japan.
  • Clemyjontri Park -McLean, Virginia.
  • Adventure Playground -Berkeley, California.
  • St. Kilda Adventure Playground -St. Kilda, Australia.
  • Blaxland Riverside Park -Sydney, Australia.
  • Takino Hillside Park -Hokkaido, Japan.

Can I put playset on grass?

All that said, grass is still the most popular choice for backyard swing sets and playsets, and may work out just fine for your family.

What is best to put under a playground?

Wood playground mulch is a fairly safe option. Wood mulch offers decent shock absorption, as nine inches of wood mulch can protect against falls of up to seven feet. Surfacing playgrounds with wood mulch also offers good slip resistance, as it absorbs and drains moisture.

How do I prepare my yard for a playset?

Protective material should be at least 9-inches to 12-inches deep, depending on the playset deck height.

  1. Use wood mulch/chips, shredded rubber mulch or engineered wood fiber for equipment up to 8 feet high.
  2. Use sand, pea gravel or mulch products listed above for play equipment up to 5 feet high.

What are the best outdoor playsets?

  • Swing-N-Slide Grandview. ...
  • KidKraft Brooksville Cedar Wood Swing Set. ...
  • Backyard Discovery Woodland All Cedar Wood Playset. ...
  • Lifetime Adventure Tower. ...
  • Backyard Discovery Skyfort Cedar Swing. ...
  • Gorilla Backyard Playground Frontier Deluxe. ...
  • Gorilla Playsets Mountaineer Wooden Swing Set. ...
  • Gorilla Treasure Trove Swing Set.

How level does the ground need to be for a swing set?

Dig 2-3 inches below the surface of the lowest part Now that you have found the lowest part of the ground that you will be leveling for your swing set, you will want to dig 2-3 inches below the surface.

How do you level ground?

Rake the area to further level the ground. Move the rake forward and backwards over the land, spreading the soil evenly across the area of the plot. Use the teeth of the rake to break up any clumps that remain. Use the back of the rake to level areas that are particularly uneven.

How do I calculate my yard grade?

Divide the change in elevation, in feet, by the distance between the two stakes, also in feet, and multiply this number by 100 to calculate the percent slope, or the grade change, between the two stakes.

What tools do I need to level my yard?

Movers and Shapers. The first step in leveling the ground is to loosen and move the soil around until no high or low spots remain. Digging tools include a pointed or flat-edged spade, a garden fork and a hoe. A pointed spade cuts into solid ground, and is the first step in loosening the soil.

How can you tell if the ground is level?

Measure a distance 100 feet away from your house and drive another 3-foot-long stake 1 foot into the ground. Attach a string at ground level on the stake near the house, run the string out to the other stake, and attach it there so that the string is level.

How can I level my yard without digging?

Apply up to 1/2 inch of leveling mix on top of the low areas. Do not add more than 1/2 inch because this can smother the grass. Rake the topdressing to spread it out evenly. Brush the grass back and forth with a push broom to work the leveling mix down while lifting the grass blades up.

How much does it cost to level land?

David says the typical grading job takes a few days and costs around $2,500, including materials such as topsoil and sod, but cautions that this number can vary greatly depending on the specific job. Schott says his grading jobs start at $500 for minor work and can go up to several thousand dollars for major jobs.

How much does it cost to dig a hole?

dig a post hole national average cost
cost to dig a post hole
National Avg. Cost (labor) for 1 hole$74.