How do you unlock the treasure cave in Guardian tales?

How do you unlock the treasure cave in Guardian tales?

Secret Stages Do not leave the map at the official exit but go back to the redish-brown platform which is formed like a horseshoe. At the left side there is a single spot where you could jump down to the left. You get to a secret pathway which will bring you to the Treasure Cave.

How do you get Dolf guardian tales?

Just use the fire pit and place it on a switch on the ground to get access to another fire pit you again place on another switch and so on. Once you dropped down the hole you see the ants lying (dead?) on the ground and now the group of mice is carrying Dolf away.

How do you unlock Akayuki?

In World 7 you have to complete the quest Legend of Akayuki 1, when completing this quest, the sub-stage Archfiend's Seal will appear with another quest "Legend of Akayuki 2". Completing this quest by defeating her will reward you with 2,790 of Experience, Awaken Swordsman's Card, and finally, Akayuki.

How do you get the lazy fairy in Guardian tales?

The Lazy Fairy can be found snoozing in Hidden Flower Garden. She will be extremely reluctant to wake up. You have to interact multiple times with her before she finally gets so annoyed, she'll just tell you to be useful and get some comic books for her, in an attempt to make you just leave her alone.

How do I get Aoba?

There are two ways to get Aoba; free method and summon method. ⇒ Free method: you need to complete the sub-quest “Lazy Fairy”.

How do I beat old swordsman Erina?

You can hide behind the standing lanterns on the stage to make Erina bump into them and end her attack sequence. She will be stunned for a small while and you can attack without danger in that time. Just always stand behind the lanterns once she starts charging an attack.