How far is Acacia Ridge from Brisbane CBD?

How far is Acacia Ridge from Brisbane CBD?

15 kilometres

What council is Acacia Ridge in?

Brisbane City Council

Which is the best suburb to live in Brisbane?

Best suburbs in Brisbane

  • Rochedale South. 5/5. Ranked 1st best suburb in Brisbane. ...
  • Mount Ommaney. 4.

    Is Acacia Ridge a good suburb?

    We bought in Acacia Ridge last year. It was one of the only affordable suburbs within 15km of the city. While it doesn't have the best reputation, we have enjoyed living here so far. Really multicultural suburb and all our neighbours are friendly.

    What is the most dangerous suburb in Brisbane?

    Brisbane's Most Dangerous Suburbs

    • Dunwich.
    • Dutton Park.
    • Moorooka.
    • Acacia RIdge.
    • Inala.

    Is archerfield a good suburb?

    Archerfield received the lowest overall score out of all the suburbs – it was awarded only one out of 10 – and scored mainly zeroes and ones across the indicators.

    Is Coopers Plains a good suburb?

    Coopers Plains is a good suburb close to CBD and with lots of ammenities. Crime rate is high due to a lot of properties being rented to students who usually don't pay too much attention to locking doors and windows and often leave valuables lying around on full view which in turn attract thief's into the area.

    Is Salisbury a good suburb?

    "Salisbury is Brisbanes most liveable suburb" Great schools, parks, shops, services, public transport and emerging cafe culture.

    What is Beaudesert like to live in?

    "Beaudesert - friendly country town close to Brisbane" The locals are friendly and helpful. House and land prises in the area are still affordable but are on the rise with many people looking for a tree change. Beaudesert is a great place with some amazing scenery nearby and walking tracks to explore.