Can you take cuttings from Lobelia cardinalis?

Can you take cuttings from Lobelia cardinalis?

L. cardinalis propagates easily from softwood cuttings in summer. All our varieties will need tidying up when they finally go dormant in late autumn. ... Clumps are best split and divided in the spring rather than the autumn.

Does cardinalis need CO2?

Provide Lobelia cardinalis "Dwarf" moderate to high lighting to prevent wilting and to promote compact, lush growth. CO2 injection is highly recommended for success, along with plenty of micronutrient dosing.

How do you plant cardinalis?

Cardinal flowers grow best in a location with morning sun and afternoon shade, except in cool areas where they need full sun. They need a moist, fertile soil and perform best if you work plenty of organic matter into the soil before planting. Set out new plants in spring, spacing them about a foot apart.

Does PetSmart sell live aquarium plants?

Live Aquarium Plants: Fish Tank Aquatic Plants | PetSmart.

How do you take care of dwarf Hairgrass?

The Dwarf Hairgrass can be housed in water from 70°-83°F, with a neutral pH. This species appreciates a soft substrate that is rich in fertilizer. Provide the plant with moderate lighting of 2 watts per gallon or more, in the color temperature of 5000 to 7000 Kelvin.

Is dwarf Hairgrass low light?

Dwarf Hairgrass Carpet This is another great low light carpet plant that requires low to moderate light and no CO2. ... The Dwarf Hairgrass Carpet will thrive in well-fertilized, soft substrate, and aquariums with high carbon dioxide.

Can you grow dwarf Hairgrass in gravel?

You can grow dwarf hairgrass in a coarse substrate such as gravel, but there are a couple of things to consider: The hairgrass will have a slightly harder time forming a carpet in gravel, as its runners won't spread as easily as they would in the sand.

Can I grow dwarf Hairgrass without CO2?

Dwarf hair grass grows very slowly without pressurized co2, in my experience. It will still grow and carpet but you must treat it like a slow growing low-light plant.

Can you plant aquarium plants in gravel?

But first, the short answer to the question is Yes, you can grow aquarium plants in gravel, both in new and established tanks. All you need is fish safe pond rocks, rubber bands, and your plants. To plant, attach your plant to the fish safe-rock using a rubber band slightly above the roots.

Is sand good for live plants?

Sand is also pretty fine and compacts on plant roots, meaning only the hardiest of aquarium plants like vallisneria, Java fern, Amazon sword plants, hornwrt, and cabomba can survive. Fragile plants like dwarf watter lettuce should be planted in aqua soil. Most of the said hardy plants can also grow in gravel.

Is vallisneria easy to grow?

Vallisneria is the truly classic aquarium plant. A tall rosette-type plant, it's easily propagated and is one of the earliest plants used in the aquarium hobby—and it's still one of the most common and easiest to grow.

How tall does vallisneria spiralis grow?

12-14 inches

Why is vallisneria not growing?

Poor Vallisneria growth can be caused by a lack of nitrates in the water. A fertilizer should help fix this.

Is Jungle Val a low light plant?

Jungle val also does great in a beginners tank without dirt. I have seen it in low light tanks with hardly any sort of nutrients in the substrate. (If you want to have a great substrate, check out our dirt substrate kits) I have seen Jungle val grow in just plain sand even.