Is Purrsian blue catmint sterile?

Is Purrsian blue catmint sterile?

Nepeta × faassenii is a sterile hybrid (N. racemosa x N. nepetella) perennial catmint of horticultural origin (Dutch nursery of J. H. Faassen).

Is Mint the same as catnip?

Are Catnip and Catmint the Same? It can be easy to mistake these two plants as simply different names for the same thing, but they are, in fact, different plants. Both are part of the mint family and both belong to the Nepeta genus – catnip is Nepeta cataria and catmint is Nepeta mussinii.

Is catnip invasive like mint?

Using Catnip Companion Plants Catnip can get quite invasive, spreading rapidly through a bed. To avoid this, you can plant the herb in a container and then bury it near catnip companion plants. ... When planting catnip as pest repellent, situate the plant near those that need protection, in full sun and well-draining soil.

What can you not plant near catnip?

However, never plant it near rue. Catnip. This plant repels aphids, flea beetles, ants, cabbage looper, squash bug, Colorado potato beetle, and Japanese beetles. However, it is very invasive and can overtake your garden.

Do snakes hate cat pee?

Snakes are unlikely to scare a cat off especially if the cat has no prior experience with snakes. ... Also, the smell of cat urine may also dissuade snakes from lingering around just as it does with rodents that avoid the pungent smell.