Is a lily a perfect or imperfect flower?

Is a lily a perfect or imperfect flower?

The Lily is a perfect flower. ... A perfect flower is one that contains both the male stamens and the female pistil and is therefore able to self-pollinate in order to produce fruit/seed. Imperfect flowers, on the other hand, are those that are either males (have stamens) or females (have a pistil).

Which describes a papaya flower?

The papaya flowers are tubular, trumpet-shaped blossoms emerging from the axils of the papaya leaf. Growing to between one and two inches (2.

Is papaya a perfect flower?

The papaya plant may produce female, male or hermaphrodite (perfect) flowers. The fragrant flowers are fleshy and waxy with five petals . The tree may produce flowers of different sexes depending on environmental conditions or stress.

How do you tell if a papaya is male or female?

Male papaya trees can be identified by clusters of thin tubular flowers that grow at the end of branching stalks 5 to 6 feet long. Both a stamen, or male organ, and pistil, the female organ, are present in the flowers. However, the pistil isn't functional, and the tree cannot produce fruit.

How many years will a papaya tree live?

20 years

Is Epsom salt good for papaya tree?

If they look like they have very fine roots, dont wet them, just plant the whole root-ball. Also, they respond well to foliar spray. I put epsom salt in a sprayer. Before they drop, the plant pulls nutrients back out the leaf, so this is a good time to spray with a foliar sprayer.

When should I pick my papaya?

Pick papayas when you first see the green skin turning yellow. This is the earliest you should ever pick papaya fruits. When completely immature, papayas are dark green. As they slowly ripen, the green skin transforms into a deep yellow skin.

How many times does a papaya tree bear fruit?

Papaya Tree Fruit Production On papaya tree plantations, which are normally found in tropical regions, a papaya tree will often ripen two to four fruits a week while it is fruiting.