What type of Aestivation is found in pea?

What type of Aestivation is found in pea?

Answer: In pea and bean flowers, there are five petals, the largest (standard) overlaps the two lateral petals (wings) which in turn overlap the two smallest anterior petals (keel); this type of aestivation is known as vexillary or papilionaceous.

What is Aestivation and its types?

Types of aestivation are: 1. Valvate Aestivation:-This is a form of aestivation in which sepals or petals are arranged in a whorl and only meet each other's margin. ... Imbricate Aestivation: In this type, one internal sepal or petal overlap at both margins, and one external sepal or petal with both margins overlap.

What is the difference between hibernation and Estivation?

Hibernation is the type of winter sleep, performed by the warm and cold-blooded animals. Aestivation is the type of summer sleep, performed by cold-blooded animals. ... Aestivation is a summer sleep, so animals search for the moist, shady and cool place to sleep.

Can humans hibernate?

Humans cannot actually hibernate, but in the coldest months of the year, many of us are drawn to something similar.

What is hibernation give an example class 12?

Distinguish between the following: (a) Hibernation and Aestivation (b) Ectotherms and Endotherms
1.Hibernation is a state of reduced activity in some organisms to escape cold winter conditions.1.
2.Bears and squirrels inhabiting cold regions are examples of animals that hibernate during winters.2.

What is cold-blooded hibernation called?


What is it called when a snake hibernate?

Unlike mammals, snakes don't go into full hibernation. Instead, snakes enter a similar state called brumation.