How do you write a hibiscus flower formula?

How do you write a hibiscus flower formula?

Answer. Hibiscus is Rosa-sinensis - flora formula - Br. Brl. Ф K (5) C5 A (∞)G(5).

Why are flowers of cucurbits referred to as Epigynous?

The female flowers of Cucumber are epigynous because ovary is inferior and other floral parts appers to arise above its level. ...

When stamens are superior The flower is?

If the sepals, petals and stamens, or their united bases (floral tube), arise from below the ovary it is superior. If the sepals, petals and stamens are free from each other the flower is hypogynous (compared with perigynous and epigynous. In a floral formula a superior ovary is often depicted as follows, e.g. G (3) _.

When all stamens in a flower from a single cluster it is called?

The stamens in a flower are collectively called the androecium. The androecium can consist of as few as one-half stamen (i.e. a single locule) as in Canna species or as many as 3,482 stamens which have been counted in the saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea).

Which part of the plant flower produces and holds the pollen?


When stamens are attached to the perianth The condition is called as?

(1) It is epiphyllous, when stamens are attached to perianth e.g., in Liliaceae. (2) It is epipetalous, when they are attached to petals e.g., Datura, (3) It is gynandrous, when stamens are attached to gynoecium .

In which flower is the Epipetalous stamen found?

Epipetalous stamens are found in Solanaceae family. the red flower in the attached photo shows Campsis radicans / trumpet creeper. and the yellow flower belongs to primrose (Primula cultivar). in plants with a perianth (sepals and petals are fused) anther attached to perianth it called epiphyllous.

What is it called when anthers are united and filaments are free?

In a condition when the anthers are fused with each other but the filaments are free is called syngenesious.