What is the correct floral formula of mustard?

What is the correct floral formula of mustard?

- The flowers of mustard are actinomorphic (show radial symmetry), rarely zygomorphic, hermaphrodite (possess both male and female flowers), contain four sepals in two whorls (dimerous), have four petals, a diagonally arranged-cruciform, six stamens, are tetradynamous (where two lateral stamens are smaller and four ...

What is the yellow thing in the middle of a flower called?


What is the structure that supports the flower?

In addition to these reproductive structures, flowers possess a number of other support structures: Petals – brightly coloured modified leaves, which function to attract pollinators. Sepal – Outer covering which protects the flower when in bud. Peduncle – Stalk of the flower.

What are the parts of a Flowers?

Parts of a Flower

  • Peduncle: The stalk of a flower.
  • Receptacle: The part of a flower stalk where the parts of the flower are attached.
  • Sepal: The outer parts of the flower (often green and leaf-like) that enclose a developing bud.
  • Petal: The parts of a flower that are often conspicuously colored.

What do you call flowers that do not have either of the main parts?

Answer. Answer: An incomplete flower is defined as a flower missing any of its parts in its natural form, i. e. petals, sepals, stamens or pistils.

What is the flower having both stamens and carpels called?

A bisexual (or “perfect”) flower has both stamens and carpels, and a unisexual (or “imperfect”) flower either lacks stamens (and is called carpellate) or lacks carpels (and is called staminate).

Is Sunflower an incomplete flower?

If, for example, a flower is missing sepals but has male and female reproductive organs, it would be a perfect flower; because not all four floral organs are present, however, the flower is also incomplete. ... Sunflower disc florets are perfect flowers and create fruit when fertilized. That fruit is sunflower seed.

Are all perfect flowers complete?

A flower with male and female parts is called a perfect flower. ... If a flower has sepals, petals, pis- tils, and stamens, it is a complete flower. If a flower is missing one of those, it is an incom- plete flower. Imperfect flowers are always incomplete, but incomplete flowers may or may not be imperfect.

What is an example of an incomplete flower?

Any flower missing one or more of those four crucial parts is considered to be incomplete. There are many examples of incomplete flowers, including squash plants, sweet corn, American holly and most grasses.