How did the Spanish broom get its name?

How did the Spanish broom get its name?

Spartium junceum, the Spanish broom, rush broom or weaver's broom, is a species of flowering plant in the family Fabaceae. ... The Latin specific epithet junceum means "rush-like", referring to the shoots, which show a passing resemblance to those of the rush genus Juncus.

How do you take care of a broom bush?

Cytisus are easy plants to grow but, to keep them contained and in shape, you will very probably need to prune them after a few years. This should be done straight after flowering to allow time for further new growth to develop through the summer which will then produce next year's flowers.

How do you germinate broom seeds?

The seeds are best soaked in hot water for several hours before planting. They like dry, sandy, and stony soil in a sunny position. Plant them in the summer straight in the ground or in trays and plant out in final position in autumn. 50% germination in first year.

How do you grow a broom corn?

Farmers plant broomcorn sometime between the middle of May and the middle of June. Farmers plant the seeds 2 inches apart in rows that are 28 inches to 48 inches apart. Broom corn plants grow slowly at first, but after they are a foot tall they grow very rapidly.

How do you propagate sweet broom?

Propagate sweet broom by stem cuttings in spring or summer. Place the cuttings in a mixture of moist peat and perlite, and cover the container with a plastic bag secured by a rubber band to keep the moisture in. Place your pot in indirect sunlight or under a fluorescent light.

How do you grow sweet broom?

Dig a hole twice as deep and wide as the root ball. Push the soil around the roots and tamp it down. Water your sweet broom regularly for the first few months if rainfall isn't sufficient to keep the soil moist.

What is sweet broom good for?

It is considered a weed in many areas but used as medicinal herb for a wide range of uses including treatment for digestive problems, pulmonary conditions, fever, skin disorders, hypertension, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, dysentery, insect bites, anemia, albuminuria, diabetes, herpes, etc.

What is Scotch broom used for?

Scotch broom is a plant. The flower and the parts that grow above the ground are used as medicine. Despite serious safety concerns, Scotch broom is used for heart problems including fluid retention (edema), poor circulation, low blood pressure, fast heartbeat, and irregular heartbeat.