What does the dot on the top of a floral diagram represent?

What does the dot on the top of a floral diagram represent?

A dot in the floral diagram represents the position of the flower axis with respect to the flower.

Why Hibiscus is a complete flower?

A Perfect Flower Hibiscus flowers are perfect flowers (also known as complete flowers). This means each flower has both male and female reproductive structure, petals, sepals and a receptacle. An imperfect, or incomplete, flower is missing one or more of these features.

What is the Centre of a flower called?


When two stamens are short and two are long they are?

Example sentences from the Web for tetradynamous The four inner stamens are longer than the two outer; and the stamens are hence collectively described as tetradynamous. Stamens mostly 6, tetradynamous (two inserted lower and shorter).

Is Salvia a Didynamous?

Family of this plant: Fabaceae. ... Mustard, Radish, Turnip belong to a family of Brassicaceae having perennial herbaceous plants. It is found that Salvia, Turnip are didynamous in nature whereas Mustard and radish are Tetradynamous in nature.

What is Epiphyllous condition?

Epiphyllous /epiphyllous condition is the one in which the stamens are fused with tepals(whorls of perianth) as found in liliacecea family.

What is Polyadelphous condition?

Polyadelphous is a condition where stamens join together with each other and form multiple bundles in which anthers are set free as in case of citrus plants. Syngenecious is a condition where the anthers of filament are united and the filaments are set free as in the case of sunflowers.

What is Epiphyllous flower?

Epiphyllous is anything that is growing on the surface of the leaf or get attached to it of any other plant. ... In this, the stamen gets attached to the part of the flower of some other plant as an adhesion of stamen. The stamens that get attach to tepals are epiphyllous stamens.

What is Epitepalous?

Epipetalous are those flowers in which the androecium anther is attached with the petals of the flower bt since in some plants like lily sepals and petals are the same which are called perianth and when anther is attached to perianth it called epiphyllous.

What is Epipetalous give example?

This is a condition in which the stamens ie. the androecium are seen to be attached to the petals. In flowers ,the petals and sepals are fused to form the perianth. Here,the anther is fused with the perianth. One of the fine examples include Datura.