Will marigolds multiply?

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Will marigolds multiply?

They'll begin to bloom approximately 45 days after planting. Marigold flowers tend to be in bright hues of yellow, orange and red, and many shades in between. ... In addition, most varieties are self-seeding, so they spread throughout the flower bed or garden year after year.

What is the difference between marigolds and French marigolds?

The African marigolds (Tagetes erecta) have large, double, yellow-to-orange flowers from midsummer to frost. ... The French marigolds (Tagetes patula) are smaller, bushier plants with flowers up to 2 inches across. Flower colors are yellow, orange, and mahogany-red. Many varieties have bicolored flowers.

Do mums come back every year in pots?

Potted mums are autumn classics, with late-season color that boosts curb appeal or brightens a Thanksgiving table. ... Treat your potted mums with care, and they'll come back whether you maintain them in the pot or plant them out in the garden.

How many times do mums bloom in a season?

Whichever variety you have, most mums will bloom continuously for about four to eight weeks. Pinching mums back is also important to encourage longer blooming periods. You'll want to start by pinching them back when the plant is just 6 inches tall, then do it again when the plant reaches 1 foot in height.

How often should you water mums in pots?

Early in the season mums should be watered like your lawn, about one inch a week. As the plants increase in size and summer brings warmer temperatures, your watering should increase proportionately. By flowering time in September and October, watering three times a week would not be too much.

How do you keep mums blooming?

Protect Mums from Sun: Mums are normally full-sun plants, but sunlight will make them bloom more eagerly. To prolong the blooms, keep the plant in bright indirect light, rather than full sun. Water Mums from Bottom: Protect your mums from rain, and water them carefully without splashing the foliage or blooms.

When should I plant my mums?

The best time to plant mums is in the spring because this gives the roots time to establish themselves. Mums can be added to gardens later on in the year, but the flowers will become more established if given adequate time to grow before the fall. The early to mid-spring is the best time to plant mums.

How deep do you plant mums?

Plant mums about 1 inch deeper than they were in the nursery pot, being careful with the roots as you spread them. Their roots are shallow, so they don't like competition from weeds.

Can mums bloom more than once?

Chrysanthemums do not normally bloom twice. They put on foliage growth throughout the spring and summer, then produce buds in the late summer and fall. ... If you purchase these, it's possible to get them to flower twice by pruning them back.

Are mums annuals or perennials?

Garden mums, also known as hardy mums, are perennial mums. Cut-flower chrysanthemums, like spider mums or football mums, are perennials in Zones 5 to 9, and these types are becoming easier to find for sale online.

What's the difference between annuals and perennials?

All flowering plants follow the same basic steps in their life cycle. Annuals complete that cycle in one growing season, whereas perennials live on for three years or longer. ... You'll come across terms such as “hardy" and “half-hardy" annual, or tender perennial.

Can you plant potted mums in the ground?

Start With a Hardy Perennial Variety —your best bet is to overwinter them in their containers in a protected space (above freezing, never letting the soil dry out). Then, you can plant them in spring, providing lots of time to establish strong roots before their first winter in the ground.