What ephemeral means?

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What ephemeral means?

1 : lasting a very short time ephemeral pleasures. 2 : lasting one day only an ephemeral fever. ephemeral. Definition of ephemeral (Entry 2 of 2) : something that lasts for a very short time : something ephemeral specifically : a plant that grows, flowers, and dies in a few days.

What does ephemeral nature mean?

Typically the term ephemeral is used to describe objects found in nature, although it can describe a wide range of things, including human artifacts intentionally made to last for only a temporary period, in order to increase their perceived aesthetic value.

How do you use the word ephemeral?

Ephemeral sentence example

  1. The civic reaction was an example of the ephemeral nature of the public's interest. ...
  2. New words are constantly being coined, some will prove ephemeral , others are here to stay. ...
  3. Concentrate on remembering the ephemeral moments which will be the most precious 20 years from now.

Can a person be ephemeral?

The term can still be applied to living things in a more poetic sense, denoting a lifespan of more than one day - a person's life can be ephemeral, meaning not only that it was shorter than expected, but also left a relatively small impact on those around him.

What is the point of ephemeral art?

Ephemeral Art cannot be bought, sold or traded, and the sculpture merges back into the environment as its materials gradually degrade. It represents the ephemeral nature of all things, but brings moments of joy as the weather turns to winter.

What is evanescent?

noun. the quality of being fleeting or vanishing quickly; impermanence: the evanescence of dreams.

What is the opposite of ephemeral?

ephemeral. Antonyms: abiding, persistent, permanent, perpetual, eternal, perennial, immortal. Synonyms: transient, evanescent, fleeting, fugacious, fugitive, momentary.

What is another word for ephemeral?

Some common synonyms of ephemeral are evanescent, fleeting, fugitive, momentary, transient, and transitory.

What is the synonym of Endeavour?

try, attempt, venture, undertake, aspire, aim, seek, set out. strive, struggle, labour, toil, work hard, try hard, exert oneself, apply oneself, do one's best, do one's utmost, give one's all, be at pains. work at, try one's hand at.

What is the meaning of Fugacious?

lasting a short time

What means halcyon?

calm, peaceful

What does transient mean?

transient, transitory, ephemeral, momentary, fugitive, fleeting, evanescent mean lasting or staying only a short time. transient applies to what is actually short in its duration or stay.

What is the meaning of transitory?

1 : of brief duration : temporary the transitory nature of earthly joy. 2 : tending to pass away : not persistent. Other Words from transitory Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about transitory.

What is the mean of illusion?

noun. something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality. the state or condition of being deceived; misapprehension. ... a perception, as of visual stimuli (optical illusion ), that represents what is perceived in a way different from the way it is in reality.

What is the difference between transient and transitory?

When used as adjectives, transient means passing or disappearing with time, whereas transitory means lasting only a short time. ... Passing or disappearing with time; transitory.

What is a transitory change?

TRANSITORY SOCIAL CHANGE. · Short-lived social changes. · Usually have little sustained impact on society. · Often indicate a problem in society. · People adapting to new needs: example - duct tape sales, local tourism.

What is transitory period?

only lasting for a short period of time: A growing proportion of the population are in a transitory stage between paid employment and old age. transitory factors/issues. a transitory phase/period.

What is a transitory group?


  • A Transitory Group is when several people happen to be in the same place at the same time but who may never be again.

    What is a transitory state?

    A system is said to be in a transient state when a process variable or variables have been changed and the system has not yet reached a steady state. The time taken for the circuit to change from one steady state to another steady state is called the transient time.

    What is transient effect?

    A transient event is a short-lived burst of energy in a system caused by a sudden change of state. The source of the transient energy may be an internal event or a nearby event. The energy then couples to other parts of the system, typically appearing as a short burst of oscillation.

    What does transient state mean?

    What is the Definition of a Transient State? ... Therefore, in terms of a definition, a transient state is when a process variable or variables changes, but before the system reaches a steady state. Also, transient time is the time it takes for a circuit to change from one steady state to the next.

    What are transient currents?

    : an oscillatory or aperiodic current that flows in a circuit for a short time following an electromagnetic disturbance (as a nearby stroke of lightning)

    What causes transient overvoltage?

    Transient overvoltages (widely termed 'surges') is a short (micro/milli-sec) duration increase in voltage between two or more conductors. The two main causes of this phenomenon are lightning and electrical switching.

    What is transient circuit?

    Transient is a period of disturbance in an electrical circuit, in which the circuit is needed settle from it's disturbed state to a steady state. ... Transient is common in circuits with energy storing components such as a capacitor, or an inductor. Resistors do not store energy hence it's effect is only damping.

    What is the difference between steady state and transient?

    Steady state models are based on the assumptions that all flow conditions and properties of the system are constant with respect to time. Transient models, however, can handle conditions that change with time and assess the time-dependent impact on thermal and flow predictions.

    What is the transient solution?

    The transient solution or natural response is that part of the total response that approaches zero as time approaches infinity (complementary function), while the steady-state solution or forced response is that part of the total response that does not approach zero as time approaches infinity (particular integral).

    What is steady flow?

    A steady flow is the one in which the quantity of liquid flowing per second through any section, is constant. This is the definition for the ideal case. True steady flow is present only in Laminar flow. In turbulent flow, there are continual fluctuations in velocity. Pressure also fluctuate at every point.

    What is the use of transient analysis?

    Transient analysis calculates a circuit's response over a period of time defined by the user. The accuracy of the transient analysis is dependent on the size of internal time steps, which together make up the complete simulation time known as the Run to time or Stop time.