Does the blue rose sword get fixed?

Does the blue rose sword get fixed?

When Kirito resigned himself to defeat after being overpowered by Quinella, Eugeo encouraged Kirito not to give up, and used Incarnation to repair the Blue Rose Sword with his own blood. ... The sword then returned to its broken state and blue and white coloration.

How old is Eugeo?

Portrayed by:Nobunga Shimazaki (Japanese) Brandon James Winkler (English)
Status:Either Deceased or Unknown
Media of Origin:Sword Art Online: Alicization

Is Alice real Sao?

Regretfully it is not a human body, Alice is a cyborg. Her body is composed of a metallic skeleton covered with very advanced silicon skin, it features tears, and sweating capabilities.

Does Eugeo stay dead?

So did eugeo die or not? As stated a hundred times already, yes, he's dead. For good.

Who does kirito really love?


Is kirito really a beater?

Kirito as the first Beater in SAO history. ... It was the result of Kirito trying to protect the dignity of other beta-testers, and to make sure that all of them, excluding himself, were treated fairly, effectively shouldering the burden of beta testers all across SAO for good.

Did Eugeo kill his family?

Now Eugeo has become a criminal, he felt terrible with himself that he couldn't help his family anymore. The scene where Eugeo was twisted to believe that he killed his father and brothers was a metaphor for all of this. ... Eugeo was the third son in his family and he got the short end of the stick.

Is kirito stronger than Eugeo?

If Kirito go all out and used his Dual Sword Style he is stronger than Eugeo by quiet the Margin. Kirito had noted that Eugeo is even more talented than him, but Kirito beat him in experience, dirty trick, and Sword Skill.

Did kirito and Asuna sleep together?

They do not mention that sort of things even on the novel but after asuna switched the lights off and took off her clothes (theoretically), they sleep together. But as they progress their relationship after getting married, they do it.

Did Eugeo sleep with quinella?

We all know this question. In fact, yes Eugeo lost his virginity to Quinella. ... This shows that they did in fact have sex, but only to synthesize him into an Integrity Knight.

Why did Eugeo forget kirito?

When Kirito is back in Underworld after the attack from Death Gun, 6 six years has passed apparently. My guess is, that when RATH took Kirito out of UnderWorld, they also erased everyone else's memory of him, because no one else in Rulid village remembers him either. ...

Does Eugeo love Alice?

Eugeo does not love Alice romantically.

Does Eugeo return?

Eugeo came back and managed to interact with Kirito as "an object within Underworld", according to Higa. At the end of the series, Kirito's artificial soul speaks to Higa and tells him to not erase that world.

Why did Eugeo turn into a sword?

She can't kill a being made up of human souls. She was sacrificing her life for the others because they seemingly had no chance of victory. The only reason Eugeo can be turned into the sword is that Alice's memory crystal isn't being used for the Sword Golem like all 30 other crystals.

Does kirito dual wield in Alicization?

In Project Alicization, Kirito was able to use Sword Skills made for the Dual Blades skill in the final battle against Quinella, as Sword Skills in Project Alicization are not tied to Weapon Skills.

Why is kirito so weak?

He was literally cheating by exploiting a bug there to take the stats of 2 years leveling in SAO into a game that isn't even 2 years old. However at the last moments where he awakened his former self he 2 shot him which was cool to the old Kirito back for a couple seconds.

Why does kirito eyes turn yellow?

His yellow eyes are actually a skill perk named "Awakening" that he got in the sixth floor in Sword Art Online Progressive (Vol. 6). You can obtain it after the "Meditation" skill reach Lvl 500. Its activation depend in your willpower though, and can remove the paralysis debuff for a short amout of time.

Does kirito dual wield?

Dual-Wield (二刀流, Nitōryū, lit. "Two Sword Style") is a Unique Skill that belongs to Kirito in Sword Art Online.

Why does kirito not use a shield?

While holding «Teleport crystals» in their hands, Kirito and Asuna entered the boss room of the 74th Floor. ... Asuna explained that she had no use for a shield because she used a rapier and a shield would thus slow her down while others had varying opinions on using a shield.

What level is kirito?

Because Material Edition 2 says he was Level 96. NOTE: The "Material Edition" series began while SAO was still a web novel (late 2007, but #2 was early 2008). The "Interview" mentioned was from 2005. It seems Kawahara retconned a bit of information at the last minute.

How did kirito get dual wield?

There is a theory floating around that Kirito acquired his Dual Blades Skill after his encounter with Titan's Hand. The theory hypothesizes that the skill may have been passed to him by the axe wielder in the background. ... During this scene in the light novel there is no mention of a warrior wielding two axes.

Why is kirito so op?

Kirito is so OP because he has spent so long in VMMOs, always fighting and runing at peak condition, that his character is constantly "stretching," as he grows more accustomed to moving around, and it becomes more natural, his natural "stop my body can't do this" reaction is dwindling, which allows his character to ...

Does Alice like kirito?

There was a hint that Alice held romantic feelings for Kirito as she committed to taking care of him while he was in a coma during the War of Underworld arc, and the two of them shared quite a few intimate moments together as Alice continued to confide in Kirito as she worried about the future beyond her role as a ...

Can you dual wield swords in Sao fatal bullet?

How to Dual Wield in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. In order to unlock Dual Wielding, you simply need to complete a certain Main Quest. The Sword and Gun pairing is unlocked first after the 15th Main Quest. ... If you've completed 17 Main Quests, then you have the ability to Dual Wield unlocked already.

What is the max level in Sao fatal bullet?


Can you use swords in fatal bullet?

Sword and Gun Dual Wield: After a certain point the in the story, you can choose to help Kirito and he will in turn teach you how to dual wield a sword and handgun. Once you have this ability, you can choose the sword you want to use and select the 'equip alternate equipment' button.

When can I dual wield in Sao fatal bullet?

In fact, the option to dual wield two guns will only be available once the seventeenth main quest is finished. There are several guns available to dual wield. Players can use handguns, shotguns, and assault rifles as an example.

How do you save Zeliska?

To save both Kureha and Zeliska from certain death, you MUST put massive DPS onto the GM (the normal final boss) when it charges up it's most powerful attack. Fail to do so and you'll get the normal ending instead. It will attempt this at 40% health and if you put enough DPS on the boss, it'll be stunned.