What is the symbol for hope?

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What is the symbol for hope?

Come to think of it, this story alone has given rise to three of the most popular symbols of hope (rainbows, doves and olive branches!).

What is the most popular wall color for 2021?

Benjamin Moore selected a soft, soothing blue-green for its 2021 color of the year.

What is the color for 2023?


Who decides the color of the year?

Pantone has revealed its color of the year for 2021, and it's actually two! Known as the "global color authority," every year the color standards organization selects colors that are meant to serve as a reflection of what is happening in culture.

What does the color orchid look like?

Orchid is a bright rich purple color that is a representation of the color of the flower of some members of the plant family orchidaceae. Various tones of orchid may range from grayish purple to purplish-pink to strong reddish purple. The first recorded use of orchid as a color name in English was in 1915.

Where do black orchids grow?


  • Brasiliorchis schunkeana, formerly known as Maxillaria schunkeana, a species of orchid native to Brazil.
  • Any member of several species of genus Bulbophyllum, commonly called "Black orchid"
  • Calanthe triplicata or Australian Black orchid.
  • Coelogyne mayeriana, a species of orchid native to Southeast Asia.