When should I plant lilies outside?

When should I plant lilies outside?

When to plant lilies Ideally plant in early autumn, although bulbs can be planted until spring.

What to do when indoor lilies have finished flowering?

Remove the flowers as they fade. This keeps the plant looking tidy and may encourage more blooms depending on the type of plant. After flowering many blooming plants make attractive houseplants. Be sure to trim the foliage to maintain the desired size and shape.

What do you do when Calla lilies have finished flowering?

Once the calla lily plant has stopped blooming, stop providing water to it. Allow it to go bone dry. The foliage will die back and the plant will appear to be dead. Place it in a cool (not cold) dark place for two months.

How do you care for lilies after they bloom?

Keep the plants growing strongly after they have finished flowering – a weekly liquid feed is beneficial – so that the bulbs build up plenty of energy for flowering the following year. Don't remove the flower stems and foliage until they die down in autumn, when they should be cut down to ground level.

How do you divide and replant tiger lilies?

Dig as far out from the main clump of the plant, or plants, as needed to avoid cutting the bulbs. Then, carefully excavate inward until you find the bulbs. Lift the bulbs gently and brush off the soil. If the bulbs are in a big clump, delicately separate them.

Can you transplant tiger lilies in the spring?

The next best time to transplant tiger lilies is in the early spring, just as the new shoots begin to emerge. Tiger lilies are fairly durable and resilient plants, so it is possible to transplant them at any point in the growing season, but it is ideal if you can wait until the fall to move them.