What to do with lilies after blooming?

What to do with lilies after blooming?

You should deadhead blooms and cut back stems as the lilies bloom during the growing season, and again let the foliage die back, but once it has died back in the fall, it can be cut off at this point.

Why do calla lily leaves turn yellow?

Yellow leaves are a sign of problems in the roots of the plant, for a number of different reasons. Yellowing leaves, known as chlorosis, is sometimes caused by a nutrient shortage in the soil, most often nitrogen, iron, zinc or some other trace element. ... Another common reason for yellowing calla lilies is root rot.

What is the best fertilizer for calla lilies?

Incorporate well-rotted compost, bone meal, or cow manure into the soil to begin a gradual feeding process. You may also want to give the tuber a bi-weekly diluted fish emulsion to stimulate growth. Remember, feeding calla lily plants is only part of the equation.

Why won't my calla lilies bloom?

If your calla lily is not blooming due to too much nitrogen, the plant will grow rapidly and be lush. ... Switch your fertilizer to one that is higher in phosphorus than nitrogen to make calla lilies bloom. If your calla lilies are not planted in an area that gets plenty of water, this may be causing them not to bloom.

Are calla lilies in season now?

Although commercial florists order calla lilies year-round from far-off locales, these elegant plants bloom in your garden from spring through summer. Depending on the variety, they typically bloom in June and July. The word "bloom" is used loosely when it comes to calla lilies.

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